Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Italian journalist fired for patronizing the Pope

From Die Presse

Vatican spokesman calls for respect for the church and person of the Holy Father.

A journalist of the public service TV channel RAI 3 who reports on the Vatican has been removed after his patronizing remarks about the Pope gave rise to protests. In a report on the arrival of Benedict XVI in the mountain village where he spends three weeks vacation, the reporter said on Monday that a "handful of people" were to expected, "who still had the courage and the patience to listen to his words. "

These statements sparked enraged reactions. "Why this anti-clericalism?" asked a parliamentary representative of the opposition PD (Democratic Party), Giorgio Merlo, who called for punitive measures against the journalist. The Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, called for respect for the church and the person of the Holy Father.

After the protests, the editor of RAI 3, Antonio Di Bella, dismissed the journalist, Roberto Balducci who publicly apologised for his words. (APA)
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