Thursday, July 09, 2009

Interview with female bishop who stole Communion


When she was made a priestess she also received allegedly and secret episcopal orders. She claims apostolic succession! Won't give the name of the consecrating bishop (just one). She admits to breaching canon law. A process for more justice for women.

She does funerals and weddings and other sacraments.

Have you contact with other priests in Upper Austria- a good basis for discussion with colleagues and work constructively together.

She does not want to say more about the problems Bishop Schwarz had with the incident.

With Bishop Schwarz she has a good relationship!

Part of "Roman Catholic Women Priests Worldwide"

I speak only for women.

Different churches should go hand and hand in the 21st century. Diverse churches meet the different paths that human beings take to God.

Notes and quick paraphrasing of the interview!

The Canadian PM has also taken to stealing hosts.
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