Tuesday, July 07, 2009

German Justice Minister sees extremist tendencies in SSPX

Federal Justice Minister Zypries compares SSPX with extreme right-wing

Federal Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries has raised the extremist tendencies of the traditionalist SSPX before. "In dealing with such religious extremists, the same things must apply as when dealing with the extreme right," urged Zypries.

Utterances of the SSPX have made it clear that democracy and freedom are not just threatened by Islamic fundamentalists.

The Minister described as unbearable the appeal of the SSPX on the eve of the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Stuttgart. At the end of July, the SSPX has called people to a vigil in the Baden-Württemberg state capital. At the CSD " wild and obscenely dressed " people parade through the streets "happy in their own perversion."

And further: "How proud we are when we read in a history book that there were courageous Catholics in the Third Reich who said: 'We do not go along with this madness!".Likewise, it is again daring to be Catholic! "
Appeal to the Catholic Church

The printed text of the latest newsletter of the SSPX is an "intolerable insult to the victims of National Socialism and a defamation of homosexuals," said Zypries. She called on the Catholic Church to draw a clear dividing line.

The church should not tolerate under their roof, or even only in their shade, such fanatics who produce such outrages" the Minister said on Monday evening at a book presentation on "Strategies of the extreme right." Politicians of the Green Party had already urged that the SSPX should be monitored by the authorities charged with the defence of the German Constitution.
SSPX reject criticism

The SSPX rejected the criticism in reply. The reference to Nazi injustice was "completely misunderstood". The SSPX had "neither in intention nor in reality wrongly equated the CSD with the Nazi regime," insisted the German District Superior Franz Schmidberger at the weekend.

However, according to Christian moral standards, the norms of the CSD are "immoral". This should be made known to the public according to Schmidberger.
Cathcon sees tendencies to stupidity in Ms Zypries

Browser what's a browser??!!!!

Out of the mouths of government ministers and fools.

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