Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cardinal wants regular mini-Vatican II Councils

From Radio Vatican

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini would like to see the calling of a Council every twenty or thirty years. The former archbishop of Milan stated this in an interview with the daily newspaper "La Repubblica". Such regular Councils, as the Council of Constance had called for at the beginning of modern times should "only consider a maximum of two subjects”. Martini said that he wanted, above all, to have a council on how the Church should deal with the issue of divorce. This issue affects more and more people within the church. Another urgent issue, which a Council should consider is a revival of the Sacrament of Penance. - The Jesuit Martini went into the subject of the Second Vatican Council in the interview. This set as goal forty years ago of putting itself in the context of “modern science and society" said Martini : "This discussion has remained marginal. We are still far from having solved this problem. It seems almost, as we look more backward than forward."

The Church has been happily delivered from a Martini Papacy.
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