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Monday, July 06, 2009

Cardinal goes mad

Praising Obama's measured approach to abortion.

Measured is hardly the term if you are a child who never lived.Measured is hardly the term if you are a child who never lived.

There is a cartoon with one baby in a cradle talking to another baby in a dustbin.

"Were you born in or out of wedlock?"

"I don't know, because I wasn't even born".

Cardinal Schönborn in the preface to a book, "Thomistes" to which Cardinal Cottier writes the postface, witheringly criticises "Thomists of the Strict Observance" - now the world knows what "Thomists of the Less than Strict Observance" are made of. Cardinal Schönborn himself is all over the shop when it comes to moral issues and a primary cause of this is that he buys into Cardinal Cottier's errors on the state.

More great analysis here.

The great Sandro Magister also thinks so, but does not say so.
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