Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Priest of the Diocese of Linz


The one with the saw- this is not a stealth priestess picture!


Long-Skirts said...


They cancelled all color
Sanctuaries stripped
First Communions were duller.

No crinoline whites
Pale hues they were stressed
Only pearled-Pharisees
Are ever so dressed.

Roses carnations,
Flowers all manners
Left just to wither
‘Gainst assertives’ beige banners.

Pillars of marble
Corinthian styles
They decided to paint
Like pink bathroom tiles.

Cassocks of red
Habits blue-white
Robes of distinction
Extinct over night.

Missals with pages
Embossed in gloss-gold
Latin in tint
English-black often bold.

Even the ribbons
To mark scriptural prayers
Were of green, yellow, silvers
So to keep us from errors.

The soft votive flames
The red opaque glass
Gave an aura of stillness
Like time could not pass.

Yet time it passed
Vividness drained
And populations with out color
Cannot be sustained.

So those underground
With red blood in blue veins
Birthed knowledge the arts
Great virtues they've gained.

They did not decay-
God’s colors kept green
For the day up above
Once again to be seen.

Except for those beige
Gray fertility fades
In their black open minds.

sacerdos in germania said...

This joker missed his vocation...he should be working in Vegas at the Sands.