Saturday, June 20, 2009

"My name is Bunny, I know nothing" Bishop of Linz


The tragic history of Father Friedl

Among flowering trees in the beautiful soft meadow
were the two of us in the sun, your head on my lap.
We were in love and touching
Then loud rustling, and before the two of us, a rabbit appears astonished
The rabbit is amazed and says:
O pardon me!

My name is Bunny, I know nothing!
Is this what happened? I have seen nothing !
Only grass and clover in the winter and much snow.
My name is Bunny, I do not know what to do

Every day when you were free, then we went beyond the meadow
which was then our house.
We dreamed and slept together.
We were alone, only in the tree the wind sang softly:
You can depend on me!


Where we both loved, only straw lies today.
I go my way alone, where are you, tell me where?
I complain to the world and cry out by night:
What have you done? Where is my happiness?
But only an echo comes back:

Cathcon- inspired by Father Friedl knowing nothing, but rather more applicable to the Bishop of Linz who knows less.

The Bugs Bunny Version
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