Saturday, May 02, 2009

Orgasm "Church" worshipping Our Lady of the Orgasm- the logical development of Protestant freedoms

Gericht verbietet „Orgasmus-Kirche“ - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

"Orgasm Church" – is this name offensive and contrary to morality? Or maybe it rightly stresses that an orgasm can be "the ultimate encounter with God"? A Swedish court makes matters difficult for the disciples of the peak of sexual life difficult.

MALMÖ - Sweden will no longer be allowed to attend the "orgasm Church". The newspaper "Sydsvenskan" (Malmö) reported on Thursday that the Upper Regional Court of Gothenburg has prohibited the use of the long disputed name to the free church community of the Spanish born artist Carlos Bebeacua based in the southern Swedish Lövestad. The court overturned an opposite verdict from the Court of the First Instance, and based its decision on the name being "offensive" and "contrary to morality".

Bebeacuas large painting "Madonna of the Orgasm" hangs in the "prayer room of the "church" with allegedly several hundred members. The artist who lives in Sweden caused outrage at the 1992 World Exhibition in Sevilla, because many visitors felt the picture to be pornographic. Bebecua has sought recognition in vain in Sweden for his initiative as a religious faith community. He argues that an orgasm is "the ultimate encounter with God."

"Mainstream" Protestants queue for erotic church service
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