Sunday, May 03, 2009

Liturgical monstrosity in the most beautiful (traditional) Church in the world


The Minoriten Church in Linz, which is staffed by the FSSP, is now the less than proud owner of a people's altar. The Church herself is owned by the Regional Government, whose head an allegedly Christian Democratic politician and former religious studies teacher actively campaigned against the appointment of Father Wagner as Auxilliary Bishop, which is why the FSSP were able to come there in the first instance. He once told Cathcon "This is my church".

Up to now there has been an unbroken tradition of the Latin Mass in this Church, but Cathcon has been told that normally this altar will be set to one side in a niche, unless it is a Mass being given for a formal occasion, under the sponsorship of the Regional Government. For instance, the Knights of Malta have a new Mass in Latin every year- it remains to be seen whether they will be traditional enough to turn their backs on this new altar and towards God. But there are others who will clearly use this altar and break a glorious post-conciliar tradition.

The Kirchenzeitung says that it is to meet the requirements of the Vatican Council- they clearly have not read Michael Davies or even if they did, did not understand him.

The presumpteous installation of this altar has finally convinced Cathcon that the liberals will not go down without a fight. Let they who have no stomach for this fight depart.

Apostolic Visitation now! Justice and Episcopal rank for Father Wagner !

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Robin said...

looks like a center island in my kitchen. now the Altar of the Lord