Sunday, May 03, 2009

Head of Council of German Jews expects clear words on Williamson from the Pope

from Ad-Hoc News

Knobloch expects from the Pope clear words on Williamson

President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, expects from Pope Benedict XVI during his visit Israel a clear message on the holocaust denier and traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson.

"I assume that the Pope will make a statement during his visit to Israel," Knobloch said to the news agency Reuters in Munich. Benedict XVI during his visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, "especially when he is in the children's pavilion should worry about a Williamson and a Society of St Pius X». The Pope visits Jordan and Israel between 8 and 15 May.

Knobloch also again criticized the dealings of the Vatican with the British SSPX Bishop. Williamson had been give a period of 21 days to withdraw his Holocaust denial. "These 21 days are long gone. A similar statement by Mr. Williamson, which the Vatican will also have to publish, is not in front of me, "she said.

For the Jewish world it was the case that Williamson was still not "again completely off the table," said Knobloch. She feels as a still greater discrimination the re-introduced Good Friday bidding prayer of the Tridentine liturgy for the "enlightenment" of the Jews, Knobloch said, stressing: "This Tridentine Good Friday bidding prayer is something that will remain incomprehensible to me."

About the development of the Church under Pope Benedict XVI, Knobloch was totally baffled. In the Catholic-Jewish relationship something had been broken. This must be rebuilt. "We must get back together and keep in mind the importance of a dialogue between Christianity and Judaism," she said.


Gildas said...

"Mister" Williamson? And the Vatican "will have to publish" because Knobloch doesn't have a statement "in front of her"? This is "dialogue"?

The "importance" of dialogue such as this is nil and Benedict XVI has more pressing issues with which he must deal at this time and for the foreseeable future.

Unknown said...

I'm wondering: where this woman lives? On the moon?

The_Editrix said...

I wonder what business a totally secular body like the the ZDJ has to comment (let alone make demands) in theological matters of which they haven't the faintest. Knobloch comes across (at least to me) as pretty dim.

Btw. did you know that ZDJ-spokesman Stefan Kramer is a convertite? That man is an attention prostitute and a pain in the... well, make that an albatross around the ZDJ's neck.

The best thing is to summarily disregard what those people say. There are so many other, well-meaning and knowledgeable Jewish voices.