Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cardinal Kasper: Church teaching has prepared the foundations for anti-semitism

Kardinal Kasper: Kirchenlehre hat Boden für Antisemitismus bereitet News Adhoc

The German Curial Cardinal Walter Kasper has conceded that the centuries of anti-judaism in the Catholic Church was ther breeding ground for anti-Semitism of the 20th Century. The question: "Is Jesus the Messiah?" was for Jews and Christians the foundation of their identity, Kasper said to the news magazine "Focus", according to a preliminary report. But from this it is not necessary to make a conflict.

"We should recognize the difference in others," said Kasper. It was clear that for a devout Catholic anti-Semitism constitutes a sin.

Kasper said the trip by Pope Benedict XVI to the Holy Land to serves the purpose, inter alia, to improve the living conditions of the Christian Palestinians. "Many young Arabs do not have equal opportunities to be accepted in society, although they have a better education than they used to have," said Kasper. Also, the mass emigration of Arab Christians to Europe or America causes him concern. "We want on our pilgrimages not only to see dead stones," said the cardinal, who is responsible for the dialogue between Jews and Christians is responsible. The Vatican was clearly for a two-state solution in the Holy Land.


T.R. Peacocke said...

20th century anti-semitism has as much to do with the Church as various brands of Marxist anti-Christianism (which killed more Christians than the Nazis killed Jews) has to do with Judaism. There were plenty of lapsed jews with blood on their hands among the Bolsheviks, yet one can hardly the religion of Judaism for their crimes. Once again, Cardinal Kaspar sacrifices clarity of thought at the altar of political correctness.

John Hetman said...

I usually hold off my reading of His Eminence's latest statements until after I have finished perusing such vital material as the Campell Soup can label. His Grace serves as dessert after a health dose of Cream of Mushroom.

Father G said...

another bonehead...

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Cardinal Kaspar, but one would have to have received all his history through the jaundiced prism of Catholic pop-apologetics not to believe that CENTURIES of Church-sponsored anti-Jewish degradation created a fertile climate for the (un- and anti-Catholic) racial antisemitism of the 19th century and beyond. (Actually, in Spain this kind of anti-semitism had already existed since the 17th century.)

No, Nazism was not the product of Christianity, but ideas and policies have consequences, and many of the Church's ideas and policies went a long way to create a climate that made 19th century anti-Semitism much more palatable to a Christian people who otherwise should have recoiled at the very thought of it. Of course, Protestants don't have clean hands in this regard either; of course, from whom do you think they inherited it?

Let's not counter anti-Catholic historical revisionist extremism with puff-history that's just as disingenuous.

John Kearney said...

Sorry I do not think his comment can be so easly ignored. We have to be honest. Jes were the wandering race, the unwelcome immigrants in many countries. They stood out because they did not practice christianity. Yes, we have to admit they were often attacked an insulted through the history of the Church. It was this unwelcome immigrants that Hitler and the Nazies feasted on. We were far from perfect as catholics.