Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bishop Williamson investigation could still take months

Ermittlungen gegen Bischof Williamson dauern an - München -

An end of the investigation of the British Bishop Richard Williamson due to alleged racial hatred is not in sight. Williamson denied the Holocaust in an interview with a Swedish television station . According to the Local Public Prosecution on Tuesday, a mutual assistance request is being made to Sweden to interview the responsible journalist. The TV reporter recorded the interview at the seminary of the controversial SSPX in Regensburg . When the investigators will receive an answer from Sweden, is still completely unclear. This could still take months, said Chief Prosecutor

Cathcon comment
There is an election due in Germany in September.

The Bavarians don't want to embarass the Pope and the attacks on the Pope not least from Angela Merkel, generated by the Williamson affair have been a source of tension in Germany's coaltion which includes the Bavarian CSU and the CDU from the rest of Germany. The socialists don't care except that they will all think a prosecution will be brought. The Bavarians would like to drop the case, but not at the expense of breaking away from their coalition partners.

However, if it looks as if the CDU and the FDP (the Liberals) are going to form a government there is no political gain out of a prosecution, so it will be quietly dropped. The Bavarian Justice Minister will claim that prosecutions are not decided politically- in this case, she can dream on.
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