Monday, April 20, 2009

Saying goodbye to Blessed Sacrament


"This church has been a blessing to the community, the elderly and the children," Wisor said.

Two of the priests celebrating the Mass, the Rev. Andrew Corona and the Rev. Mick Popil, grew up in the Blessed Sacrament parish.

Declining congregation membership and lack of financial support led to the sale of Blessed Sacrament property to Gary Lighthouse Charter School last year. The charter school now uses the original parish school building that opened in 1963.


"The world has changed. We have changed. We have grown older. We've gone from over 900 families to 150 families," she said. (Cathcon- and the families became smaller as well!)

Melczek said the church interior was "showing its age. It's very expensive to keep it in shape." Blessed Sacrament's vestments and vessels will go to the Rev. David Link to use at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, Melczek said. Other religious artifacts, including the huge crucifix that hung over the altar, will be offered to parishes in the Gary Diocese
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