Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prefering swastika to the Cross


from Austrian Times – Swastika priest

Fr Tam who the articles refer to was already drummed out of the SSPX for a variety of offences before he was photographed giving Nazi salutes.

Told the guy in the picture is not a priest but a sacristan.


Londiniensis said...

Isn't the chap in the photograph supposed to be Father Angelo Idi? At least that is implied by the juxtaposition of photo and text in the original article. However, the man in the photo is not wearing a clerical collar - one would expect "right wing priests" to be puntillious in such matters!

Londiniensis said...

I've looked further at the Austrian Times and the sort of stories it covers - I bow to your local knowledge but to me it seems a terrible "Daily Star" sort of rag. Should you be giving extra oxygen to anything appearing therein?