Friday, April 03, 2009

Catholic Church pays the piper of Papal criticism in Austria

Large commission from the Austrian Bishops' Conference for Zulehner

The controversial pastoral theologian, who this week accused the bishops of failure, has been given a “new job” by the Bishops' Conference and may soon carry out a survey of parish councils funded by the tax that people pay to fund the Church.

The controversial Viennese pastoral theologian Paul Zulehner, who even this week accused the Austrian bishops of failures, may soon be given after his retirement as Professor, a "new job" by the Austrian Bishops' Conference to carry out a church tax funded survey of parish councils. The survey will be carried out by Zulehner jointly with councillors and pastoral office directors of Austrian Parish Councils. Between Ascension and Corpus Christi more than 30,000 women and men will be questioned on their work as members of parish councils. The survey will be conducted on behalf of the Austrian Bishops' Conference (Cathcon- the Bishops have to pay to find out what is going on in their own Church!!!).

In a "discussion" in Linz Zulehner spoke of a "failure of the bishops" and accuses the Pope of "incompetence in ecclesiastical politics". In addition, he said that the Pope had "bad colleagues". Those groups that can live happily with the Pope and the Church were "right wing" and "incapable of dialogue," said Zulehner. His interpretation: people are again "ready to submit" because they are overwhelmed with their own lives. Attacking the authority, which is an ersatz for a weak personality unsure of its own power attacts aggression.

More soon about the baleful effect of the "media darling and pastoral theologian" Zulehner on Catholic life in Austria . His whole life is a parable for the failure of the modern church.
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