Friday, April 17, 2009

"Holy" ghost writer

from - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

Newspaper Report: Letter from the Bishops of Vienna was prepared by Paul Zulehner, the pastoral theologian. Allegedly, three Austrian diocesan bishops refused to sign the letter.

In Austria, there is a new discussion about the pastoral letter published on 16 February 2009 by the Austrian diocesan bishops in the wake of the media-led ecclesiastical discussions. In the letter, among other things: "Believers legitimately expect that the process of candidate search, examining the proposed names and the final decision is undertaken carefully and with pastoral sensitivity. This can ensure that bishops are appointed who are not" against ", but "for" a local church. "

In the latest edition of the magazine "Yes to Life" of HLI (Human Life International) Dietmar Fischer, relying on "very reliable inside sources" reports that the letter of the Austrian Diocesan Bishops was prepared by the pastoral theologian from Vienna, Paul Zulehner and allegedly was not written by the bishops. According to Fischer, only the Graz Bishop, Egon Kapellari contributed a "small passage" and allegedly even three Austrian bishops refused sign the letter.

Cathcon: this is the same man that the bishops are employing at great expense to tell them what is going on in their parish councils. Dereliction of duty on their part, and too much power in the hands of one layman on his part.

The term holy ghost writer was originally applied to Karl Rahner given the enormous role his theology played at the Second Vatican Council- a theology much influenced by the philosophy of the Nazi convert to Protestantism, Heidegger. So keen was Rahner on Heidegger, he rushed to Freibourg to study under him in pre-war Germany, where his sympathies were not wrapped up in any of their later ambivalence.

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