Saturday, March 21, 2009

True ecumenism

ZENIT - Moscow Patriarchate Backs Pope's Stance on Condoms:

A message on the French official Web site of the Church stated, 'The Patriarchate of Moscow is in solidarity with Pope Benedict XVI's position on the means in the fight against AIDS, and on the fact that condoms cannot be considered as a remedy against this sickness.'

This statement came as a response to the Pope's words to journalists on his flight to Africa, in which he affirmed: 'This problem of AIDS cannot be overcome only with publicity slogans.

'If there is not the soul, if the Africans are not helped, the scourge cannot be resolved

Where;s the Archbishop of Canterbury on this issue? probably all over the place.

The Lambeth Conference were the first ecclesiastical outfit to back the use of contraception in 1930.

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