Saturday, March 07, 2009

SSPX attack on Cardinal Martini


from kipa/apic

The traditionalist SSPX has accused the renowned Bible scholar and Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini (82) of a "subversive theology” beating to the same rhythm as Hans Küng. Cardinal Martini is a Küng, who has managed to enter the church hierarchy," is stated in an online editorial published today.

The author, Alain Lorans (an SSPX priest) accuses the emeritus archbishop of Milan of favouring the ordination of married men, women deacons, access of remarried divorcees to the Eucharist and the role of conscience in family planning decisions. He thereby stands directly on the line of the "progressive theologian" Küng.

Martini and Küng were ultimately "two eighty year olds who are in rebellion against the church, which is eternal".
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