Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bishop paints the monastery red

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By far the most important monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church has an unusual need to learn to live with a new colour scheme. Secretly and overnight, the bishop responsible for the structure has had painted the entire exterior facade of the venerable Patriarchate and changed various decorative features on the outside walls as he pleased.

Bishop redecorates world cultural heritage

The competent Bishop of the Patriarchal Monastery of Peć, Bishop Artemije has painted red the walls of the 14th Century, and up to the present surviving monastery, in order according to unconfirmed reports to make it "more visible". The action of the bishop has caused horror in the world of the experts.

The tangible art scandal makes not only artists, historians or the UNESCO wild, but now also the Serbian government has taken up the matter. The competent Minister of Culture has let it be known that you cannot just follow personal taste without regard to the art historian. The same sound from the corner of the monument preservationists that see the authenticity of the monastery destroyed by this action. It is simply a falsification of history.

Whether the monastic remains on the UNESCO list remains open- the idiosyncratic bishop however remains himelf stubborn, speaking with no person on this very questionable action. The venerable structure, with its art treasures, tombs and shrines is regarded as the treasure chamber of Serbian history and the most sacred place of the Serbian Orthodox Church.




Brach said...

Till the cows come home! hehehe

Eric John said...

Where was and is UNESCO when Albanian terrorists blow up ancient Orthodox churches and monasteries in Kosovo? The hypocrisy of the West, while breathtaking, is not surprising.