Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The least of Bishop Williamson's problems

Cardinal bans Holocaust-denier from LA archdiocese - San Jose Mercury News


Editor said...

Not that it matters in this case as I am sure that the Bishop will not be heartbroken from being banned from such a Bishop's diocese, but can a bishop legally/canonically ban a christian catholic from entering into a catholic church? It does not seem according to the canon law or Christ's law even more importantly, especially considering the Pope has lifted excommunications.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

The Local Ordinary does have this kind of authority...CMOC did the same by not allowing Abp. Burke to offer Mass in his Archdiocese...But the double standard by Mahony is ridiculous.

JWY said...

Great headline!

Long-Skirts said...


There was a Cardinal named Baloney
Or was it Cardinal Macaroni?

He built a church out west, brand new.
A church for me, a church for you.

Where people drive their pristine cars,
Emission pure, no ozone mars.

A church for many kinds of sexes
Even witches casting hexes.

There was a Cardinal named Marconi
Or was it Cardinal Boney-Maroni?

He built a church, ten million three.
For gender-benders by the sea.

For all to sit, not kneel, awhile,
And share your peace with ped-o-phile.

An all new church, on L.A. sod,
For me and you...thank God, not God!