Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ecumenical European elections

EU: Europäische Kirchen informieren über Wahlen

Four ecumenical organizations based in Brussels, including the Conference of European Churches, has launced an information campaign on the upcoming election for the European Parliament. The campaign aims for a higher commitment of EU citizens and thus for a higher turnout than the last time. In the next five years 736 members of the European Parliament to take decisions that concern not only citizens, but the whole world, the organizers said in a release. They put a text on the Internet which deals with issues such as climate change, migration, poverty and peace . It also encourages churches in Europe in advance of the election to actively participlate in the political discussion.

Cathcon- influence of the churches in the European institutions - zero- sitting typing just four hundred yards from the European Parliament. This was even admitted to my wife by one of the Church's leading "lobbyists".

If your talk is of climate change rather than the Cross of Christ, there are a whole lot of organisations that do it a whole lot better, just as there are night clubs in Vienna that provide discos much more exciting that the Cardinal's Find Fight Follow Masses.

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