Saturday, March 07, 2009

Double standards in the Diocese of Linz

Brüskierung glaubenstreuer Katholiken in Linz geht weiter – Unverständnis und Ärger Katholisches – Magazin für Kirche und Kultur

Cathcon- one law for those faithful to Rome, one for those unfaithful. No letter for the faithful, one letter for the unfaithful.

After the successful blocking of Gerhard Maria Wagner as Bishop of the Diocese of Linz, will "soon" those Catholics who have left the Catholic Church since January will soon receive a "personal letter" from Bishop Ludwig Schwarz with an invitation to return to the church reported the Linz Kirchenzeitung, without addressing the central question of the understanding of the true Church.

ORF and the Diocesan press office make another sideswipe at the bishop wanted and appointed by Pope Benedict XVI.. Since the beginning of the year 2400 Catholics have left the church. This was 1000 more than a year earlier, according to the ORF. "Often" the reason referred to for the resignation was "specifically" Wagner's appointment as bishop. An indication, however, which they cannot verify. In the diocesan leadership, a feeling of relief is unmistakeable over the "rejected" appointment as bishop of a Rome faithful priest and the changes that they feared in the “Linz circumstances” . Now they "grieve" over the "lost Catholics" feeds the ORF. Even the parish priests are asked to contact those who have left the Church to invite them back "into the shared boat" according to the church newspaper.

The Rome faithful Catholics of the diocese see this as a further snub. They do not criticise the concern of the bishop and the diocesan leadership for those who have left the church. They reserve their incomprehension and anger for the fact that those loyal to the Pope and the Catholic Church "have received no reply" from the Bishop. "One feels badly treated, as if we were just air," was the criticism of Linz Catholics who in the last few weeks have approached the bishop in writing to welcome Wagner's appointment as Auxilliary Bishop and who protested against the "hunt full of hate of a faithful priest ". In their letter, however, they received no response. "The arrogance of the liberal policy makers is simply outrageous," Upper Austrian Catholics are outraged.

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