Saturday, March 07, 2009

Debate over SSPX could last for years

Mixa: Debatte über Pius-Brüdern kann Jahre dauern - Nachrichten -

The Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa expects that the dialogue between the Vatican and the SSPX still could still take years. Without honest engagement, increasing closeness is not possible, said Mixa on the edge of the spring session of the Bishops’ Conference in Hamburg. Previously, several bishops had insisted that the conflict should be ended quickly, because many Catholics are confused. Mixa accused the SSPX of immobility, rigidity and outdated thinking. They believed a specific, historically evolved form of worship to be alone valid. In contrast, the Second Vatican Council does not break with the Church's history, but is a logical development (Cathcon - rather illogical and not a development in any sense Cardinal Newman would have recognised).
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