Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cardinal Meisner: Critics of the Pope should apologise

Kardinal Meisner: Papst-Kritiker sollen sich entschuldigen - Nachrichten -

Cardinal Meisner: Pope's critics should apologize After the Pope's letter to traditionalists, Cologne’s Cardinal Joachim Meisner has invited critics of Benedict XVI to apologise. Referring to the speech of the Pope, it had saddened him that even Catholics who know better were ready to show sharp hostility to him. Meisner asked: If anyone concludes after an honest examination of conscience that they were the occasion for this statement should ask the Holy Father for forgiveness. . The Pope wished with the withdrawal of the excommunication of the four bishops of the SSPX to give a gesture of reconciliation . It is sad that the outstretched hand of his Holiness was so devalued.
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