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Bishop of Linz denounced to the Roman Rota

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Dietmar Fischer, the head of HLI-Austria, has made a complaint in Rome against the Diocesan Bishop of Linz – it is based on the malicious rumors around the resignation of Gerhard Wagner - journalist Ertl strongly criticises the 'Wagner-rumour'

The Diocese of Linz is facing a further excitement - the Causa "Gerhard Maria Wagner " and the rumours against Wagner made known to the world could still have repercussions in Rome. The well-known right to lifer Dietmar Fischer of the group HLI (Human Life International) has submitted a few days ago to the Supreme Court of the Vatican suspicions of coercion and extortion in connection with the forced resignation of Gerhard Maria Wagner.

The complaint is directed not only against the Linz cathedral chapter, but also against the Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, who is the complaint of Fischer shown to is under "suspicion of assisting" the allegations.

In the complaint shown to, inter alia: "There is not only the suspicion of extortion but much more confirmation of the suspicion of obvious coercion and blackmail from insider reports. Also, the examination, responses and reactions of the people involved give evidence of coercion and blackmail "

The complaint deals mostly with the unproven rumour, according to which Wagner gave a woman money for an abortion(name is known to money for an abortion. Wagner himself has spoken out against the rumour in interviews with and the Tagespost, a consequence at the legal level still being possible.

Dietmar Fischer says to "Without the facts can be assessed and no legal advice was Wagner because of the potential harm and scandal to the Church forced to immediately make a statement to sign, for which he and the other attendees with no one allowed to talk about. Thus, clearly the offense of coercion and blackmail took place. It is a monstrous and infamous lie to accuse specifically Fr Wagner of a crime in this issue of abortion and that he offered money to a girl to carry out an abortion”

Fischer told that he had collected some evidence in the last 2-3 weeks, including statements by Gerhard Wagner, Mary and various statements from memory of conversations, at which also Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, was present. All this is now deposited in Rome.

Finally, Fischer says: "If this blackmail cannot be proved and elucidated, the Church and especially in Austria in Linz in the future, will always and everywhere be open to blackmail."

Criticism of the rumour targeted on Wagner rumor comes this week from the famous church critical journalist Josef Ertl. On his weblog he writes on the case of Wagner: "What is currently happening in the Diocese of Linz is evil. Wagner resigned after rumors said he had given a woman [...] money for abortion. Wagner denies this. Quite the contrary, he had financially helped a woman to avoid an abortion. Whoever placed such rumours in the world, is suffering from negative thinking. We can discuss the positions of Wagner and find they are objectionable. But from this depth, hitting below belt, the confrontation cannot take place. That is unchristian. "

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Kevin said...

Canons of the 2nd Lateran Council:

"6. We also decree that those in the orders of subdeacon and above who have taken wives or concubines are to be deprived of their position and ecclesiastical benefice. For since they ought to be in fact and in name temples of God, vessels of the Lord and sanctuaries of the holy Spirit, it is unbecoming that they give themselves up to marriage and impurity.

7. Adhering to the path trod by our predecessors, the Roman pontiffs Gregory VII, Urban and Paschal, we prescribe that nobody is to hear the masses of those whom he knows to have wives or concubines. Indeed, that the law of continence and the purity pleasing to God might be propagated among ecclesiastical persons and those in holy orders, we decree that where bishops, priests, deacons, subdeacons, canons regular, monks and professed lay brothers have presumed to take wives and so transgress this holy precept, they are to be separated from their partners. For we do not deem there to be a marriage which, it is agreed, has been contracted against ecclesiastical law. Furthermore, when they have separated from each other, let them do a penance commensurate with such outrageous behaviour.