Thursday, March 26, 2009

Attack on democrats at work from Chairman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference

Erzbischof Zollitsch: Berliner Senat "religionsfeindlich" - Nachrichten -

Archbishop Zollitsch: Berlin Senate "hostile to religion"
The chairman of the Bishops Conference, Archbishop Zollitsch has made significant criticism of the Berlin Senate. Whose policies seem almost hostile to religion. The cause is the misunderstanding that religion should be banished into the private sphere according to Zollitsch. (Cathcon- yesterday, he said that the concept of a Catholic state was outmoded and then seems unable to cope with consequences)

The Senate wants religious instruction in Berlin to be given only the status of an additional area of work. In a referendum on 26 April the Berlin people will determine whether religious instruction will be given the same status as the teaching of ethics.

Yesterday, he proclaimed he was a democrat in contrast to the SSPX but today he seems unhappy with the direct consequences of such a commitment.
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