Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Archbishop of Paris on Williamson Affair

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The "Causa Williamson" which emerged In the course of lifting the excommunication of the four SSPX bishops has caused "great suffering" - and "not only among our Jewish brethren, but also with many Catholics" said the Paris archbishop, Cardinal Andre Vingt - Trois, at the opening of a French Holocaust exhibition at the New York Museum of Jewish Heritage (MJH). Bishops from various countries attended the opening.

To be a Catholic Christian, "is radically inconsistent with the denial of the Holocaust," said Vingt-Trois. It was shocking for Richard Williamson to abuse his authority as a bishop " to
spread a historical lie."

Vingt-Trois and the head of the French Christian-Jewish reconciliation Foundation Yahad - In Unum, Abbe Patrick Desbois, in MJH opened the exhibition on the exploration of the Holocaust in Ukraine, the so-called "Holocaust using bullets. " Desbois undertook pioneering work in this area when he and his trained team located more than 800 mass graves of Jewish people in the Ukraine of people the Germans had murdered between 1941 and 1944. Cardinal Vingt-Trois is the president of "Yahad - In Unum" which Abbe Desbois founded in 2004. For his actions, Desbois was awared the Jan Karski Award in 2007 by the American Jewish Committee.

The task of "Yahad - In Unum" is to better document the mass murder of the Jewish population in the Ukraine and Belarus from 1941 to 1944. Ukrainian witnesses will asked about each case of mass shootings and located mass graves, of which by Desbois' own rating there are at least 1200 in the Ukraine.
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