Saturday, March 28, 2009

Archbishop says Jews were not the greatest victims of the Holocaust.

A Bishop has caused an outcry with a statement about the Holocaust

An South American archbishop with a relativist statement about the Holocaust on Friday for outrage ensured.

BRASILIA - "The Jews are talking about six million deaths. But how many Catholics were the victims of the holocaust? There were a total of 22 million," said Archbishop Dadeus Grings from Porto Alegre in South Brasil to the promotional magazine "Press & Advertising". Next he explained that "while the Jews claim that they were the main victims of the Holocaust, the greatest victims were gypsies because they were exterminated."
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The Archbishop of Porto Alegre, Dadeus Grings, said "killed more Catholics than Jews in the Holocaust, but that does not have a public profile because the Jews have control of the propaganda of the world." The statement was made in magazine interview with Press.

According to the magazine, Dadeus Grings also defended the neutrality of the Church during the military dictatorship and the Second War, the Crusades in the Middle Ages, celibacy and condemned research with embryonic stem cells and distribution of condoms by the government.

The archbishop also criticized the ex-football player and commentator Paulo Roberto Falcão, who said Grings, "was a flop and was expelled from Rome (the Italian team which became known as King of Rome)" for not fulfilling the contract.
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