Thursday, February 05, 2009

While bishops moan, Network of German Catholic Priests rushes to the defence of the Holy Father.

Kampagne gegen Papst Benedikt

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Press statement

Given the unbridled campaign against our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. in connection with the withdrawal of the excommunication of the four bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X. the Network of Catholic Priests expresses its deep shock:

- About the biased, sometimes factually inaccurate and usually aggression loaded reactions of a large part of the German press.

- About the ambiguous and diminishing attitude, partly openly critical of the Pope, from which some representatives of the German Episcopate do not shrink.

- About the overbearing and insensitive meddling of German politicians in the internals affairs of the Church and which breach the most basic laws of decency.

The unspeakable failures of a bishop of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X. are apparently a welcome occasion for a majority of Catholics - priests and lay people – to unduly reduce and challenge the Pope. If the German tabloid press states that the current crisis will lead to a majority of Catholics no longer obeying the Pope, then we say the reverse: The outbreaks of hatred against Pope Benedict XVI show once more how deep the level of Catholicism in Germany already has fallen. It gives pause for thought that voices calling for common sense and confidence in the authority of the Pope are almost completely missing in our days. The fact that some teachers at the theological faculties cap it all off was to be expected and need not be specifically mentioned.

In the shame of the current situation, we give once again to the Holy Father our full and unreserved solidarity. We thank him for his tireless efforts in relation to the unity of the church. And we assure him of our special prayers in these difficult times, especially in the celebration of Holy Mass,

Mainz / Aachen / Fulda, 4.2.2009
Dr. Guido Rodheudt, Kleikstrasse 58, D-52134 Herzogenrath
Hendrick Jolie, Hochstrasse 23, D-64367 Mühltal
Uwe Winkel, An der Kirche 7, D-36419 Spahl
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