Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vatican II was bigger than the Council itself

Dr. John C. Rao: George Weigel and "The Happening"

If I should ever write a book called Begging the Question, Mr. Weigel's insistence on "unambiguously affirming Vatican II" would provide me all the material I would need to complete the task. For those two little words, "Vatican II" have never referred solely to a particular, self-contained Ecumenical Council in the way that the words "Ephesus" or "Lateran IV" or "Trent" do. "Vatican II" has always meant a great deal more than this from the very first moment that media-savvy theologians hijacked the original conciliar working documents to promote their own vision of progressive Christianity.

Vatican II was "the event" and then every Mass after it had to be "an event". Spot on comments from Dr Rao

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