Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"An unbelievable mess" supporters of Father Wagner in Linz speak out

Das sagen Wagners Unterstüzer: "Sauerei" |

For the hard conservative wing of the Diocese of Linz the withdrawal of Gerhard Maria Wagner Maria is painful:

The conservative Linz Priestly Circle, to which Wagner also belongs and even the current Pope Benedict once visited, said that the withdrawal of Wagner is a "personal decision". Josef Bauer, chairman of the priests described the development as an expression of the current attitude in the Diocese of Linz: "This hurts me as a former pilgrim to Rome," says Bauer.

The supporters of Wagner in his home parish of Windischgarsten were angered: "I think it is an unbelievable mess," says Stefan Edelsbacher, Chairman of Parish Council.

On the website, a mouthpiece of the Church’s arch-conservative wing the appointment of Wagner was celebrated euphorically. Now the consternation and outrage after his withdrawal is enormous: In a commentary ( "The Downfall") is the opponents of Wagner were accused of fascist behavior. "Because of its liberal stance, the church in Linz will perish."

Support for Wagner came from politics, namely the Freedom Party: The church has bowed the knee to a mixed hunting party of left-Catholics, agnostics and enemies of the Church".

Cathcon note- the Regional Prime Minister Puhringer had been one of the leaders of the band against Father Wagner. He is a “Christian Democrat” and a former religious studies teacher. Cathcon sees him often on the circuit in Brussels and Linz. His part in the whole affair will not go unmentioned and hopefully faithful Catholics punish him in the forthcoming regional elections by at least abstaining.
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