Friday, February 27, 2009

Slovakian bishop says lesbians and homosexuals are perverse.

In Slovakia, a bishop has become invoved in the ongoing presidential campaign - and has made comments against lesbians and gays. The newspaper "Pravda" (probably not the Pravda but a Slovakian Pravda (the word means truth), says Rudolf Balaz, head of the diocese of Banska Bystrica described in a sermon homosexuals as "perverts", who should not get the right to adopt children . Zuzuna Martikova, a candidate for the presidency, now calls for consequences: Matikovka said that the bishop in his speech had offended homosexuals and should apologize. With the rest of the sermon, Balaz attacked the candidate of the opposition center-right parties, Iveta Radicova because he is not clearly for an abortion ban . Radicova is outraged: "The remarks of Bishop Rudolf Balaz grieved my family and my relatives." She wants clarify the matter personally with Bishop Balaz . The first ballot of the presidential elections in Slovakia will be held on 21 March and if necessary a second ballot on 4 April. The current office-holder Ivan Gasparovic has, according to opinion polls, great chances of reelection.

"Every Catholic must be clear that he cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position opposed to the moral laws of the Church." Bishop Balaz

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