Sunday, February 08, 2009

News from the Argentine on Bishop Williamson

En el seminario de La Reja ya piensan en un sucesor -

Yesterday morning an unusual movement of soutanes caught the attention of the faithful who usually attend Mass in Latin at the 11.30 Mass in the Seminary of La Reja, Moreno, which Williamson has headed for five years.

Priests came from different parts of the country. "Obviously, there will be an important announcement which should be reported in person," concluded one participant.

But the reason for this extraordinary meeting did not go beyond the walls.....

Followed by speculation that Bishop de Galarreta will succeed Bishop Williamson.

Caveat- Spanish is not a language that I usually translate.

Cathcon understands that Bishop Williamson has been sacked as Seminary Rector by Bishop Fellay.  As yet, he continues in his functions.
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