Friday, February 20, 2009

Liberal Catholics having nightmares in Austria

Rücktritt von Wagner noch nicht fix - the main Austrian TV station.

Resignation of Wagner is not yet fixed
Gerhard Maria Wagner has only expressed verbally, but not yet in writing the intention that he should withdraw from his appointment as Bishop. However, in order to become effective, the application should also be personally signed.

Much material for speculation
The fact that the parish priest of Windischgarsten takes so long to resign his bishop's appointment offers quite enough material for speculation.

Bishops in Rome
They are saying in ecclesiastical circles that he could, in the foreseeable future, very likely become a bishop, but not in Linz, but in a Vatican office in Rome, where he originally studied theology.

Negative for Career
A written withdrawal would possibly obstruct his career in the long term, which is why he prefers to give his resignation merely verbally.

Church insiders give little credit to this theory. A letter to the Vatican must officially be sent to Rome and that has to occur via the Nunciature in Vienna.

Important messages within the church are not sent by fax or even by e-mail. Before the document lands in the correct office, it could take a long time.

Gerhard Wagner Maria is currently not reachable, he has removed himself for a couple of days following the turmoil of the past few weeks.
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