Sunday, February 22, 2009

Father Wagner- a ringleader of his enemies speaks

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A Dialogue for Upper Austria on the model of the Church “Dialogue for Austria" was suggested by the Chairman of Catholic Action of the Diocese of Linz, Margit Hauft, on Saturday in ORF’s Lunchtime Journal. Linz is "a very vibrant diocese - there are all the main currents since," said Hauft. It was now necessary to bring “together again” the representatives of the different currents. She herself had a very positive experience of "Dialogue for Austria” with the Salzburg Delegate Assembly of 1998, said Hauft.

The Catholic Action chairman called the crisis management by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn after the appointment of parish priest, Gerhard Wagner pastors to Bishop as "the beginning of a path in a direction which it should follow." Impressive was for her was that the Chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference has “specifically referred to earlier errors. " which he said should not be allowed to run on as they had in previous crises in the Catholic Church in Austria.

That Gerhard Wagner had finally taken the decision to withdraw was "certainly not easy for him" said Hauft. There had been rumour after a consultation with the bishops, "but ultimately it was his decision." "I guess Wagner recognized, as it would not work," said the Catholic Action-chairman of the Diocese of Linz.

Hauft spoke out on the ORF Midday Journal also recently for a continuation of the discussion about changing the admission criteria for ecclesiastical office. An opening up of the Church's offices was necessary. The admission of women to the ordained diaconate and "tested married men" (viri probati) for the priesthood would both be important.

Is she and her band of bullies, who have defied the Vatican, running the Diocese or is the Bishop?
She has a throne already, erected one day in one of the public squares of Linz.
When the Pope asked for something, the questions should not be whether but how soon.
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