Sunday, February 01, 2009

Even the BBC notices Linz

Pope promotes conservative cleric

More coming soon on the election boycott of the Christian Democrat Austrian Peoples' Party after the Regional Prime Minister, up for election this year, criticised the choice on TV. The Regional Prime Minister before he was a professional politician was a religion teacher- who clearly thinks his authority in this matter is greater than the Vicar of Christ on earth.

Where was Herr Puhringer when the modern artist Nitsch, the self-proclaimed blood orgy master (yes, he organises them!) was invited to give a concert in the local Abbey of St Florian. Possibly in the audience, as members of his party organised a visit to one of his exhibitions to show just how modern they were.

Not even Hitler's Gauleiter managed to interfere in the appointments of Bishops in Linz although I think he would have had the chance in 1941.
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