Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cardinal's past comes back to haunt him


Der Karnevalist, der nichts kapiert - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

The Carnival Reveller who gets nothing. Diocese of Regensburg joins Cathcon in complaining about the Carnival Cardinal. Sadly, Regensburg have now removed the article from their website.

On the website of the Diocese of Regensburg, Cardinal Karl Lehmann is sharply attacked due to his critical position of the Pope. The lawyer Franz Norbert Otterbeck insults Lehmann as a "Carnival Reveller". Behind this is a former pupil of Lehmann, Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller.
Relations between teachers and students are often difficult. This also applies to Cardinal Karl Lehmann and Gerhard Ludwig Müller. The latter under the theology professor Lehmann received at the University of Freiburg his doctorate and lecturing post. Since Müller became Bishop of Regensburg, Lehmann has had some reason to wonder about the student: because of his harsh treatment of the laity, of crisis management in an abuse case, and because of the recent unsuccessful threatening of three theology professors, who supported a Vatican critical petition.

At the spring session of the bishops next week in Hamburg could Lehmann could ask Müller about this very personal attack: the website of the diocese of Regensburg cites Lehmann as "a Carnival Reveller", who had not “got” the Second Vatican Council and its doctrine of the Papal Office. Lehmann's criticism of the Pope's decisions were an "insolence," writes the Cologne-based lawyer Franz Norbert Otterbeck and insinuates Lehmann in the lee of an "apparent loss of popularity" of the Pope displays " an image of Ratzinger as the enemy." When Benedict XVI restored four traditionalist bishops of the SSPX to the Church, including the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, Lehmann called for a quick apology of Rome. Perhaps one or another of the Bishop will have the idea that Muller should now apologise to Lehmann.

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