Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cardinal Meisner hits out at Carnival

Rosenmontagszug: Kardinal Meisner schimpft über Karnevalswagen RP ONLINE

At the Düsseldorf Carnival Procession which takes place every year on the Monday before Ash Wednesday, the Pope is shown shaking the devil's hand. The devil was in this case Bishop Williamson, a Holocaust denier and an illegally consecrated bishop of the traditionalists. Cologne's Cardinal Joachim Meisner believes that the Papal theme in this procession to be hurtful.

The presentation of Pope Benedict XVI shaking the the hand of the devil in the guise of Bishop Williamson," he would not leave unchallenged, writes the archbishop in the next edition of the church newspaper for the Archdiocese of Cologne." Meisner literally: "The presentation is not only wrong, it is also hurtful."  Pictures and earlier report

"Presentation wrong and hurtful"
The cardinal stressed that the specific contribution was just an "Interruption", the carnival being a good opportunity to take aim at politics and society. "But if humor becomes malice, spoof becomes damaging and over emphasis, falsification, then the carnival itself looses." This is what happened in the portrayal of the Pope in Dusseldorf.

At World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, the Rhine countries opened their hearts wide open to the Pope, writes Meisner further. Cordiality and cheerfulness were also features of the carnival. "This should remain so," says the Cardinal. The vehicle of the Düsseldorf carnival wagon maker Jacques Tilly the smiling Pope shakes the hand of the Holocaust deniers and illegally consecrated traditionalist Bishop Williamson. The SSPX member is depicted as a red devil with the word "antisemitism" .
Carnival hits back coming soon!

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This is the problem with dressing as clowns for forty years....