Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cardinal Lehmann calls on the SSPX to make concessions

Katholische Kirche: Kardinal Lehmann fordert Piusbrüder zum Einlenken auf - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama

An end to the cat-and-mouse game: The German Cardinal Lehmann, asks the SSPX to accept the decisions of the Vatican - otherwise the Pope needs to once again put into effect their excommunications.
Cologne - The Mainz Cardinal Karl Lehmann expects the traditionalist SSPX without ifs and buts to affirm the decisions of the Second Vatican Council. The SSPX should cease their cat-and-mouse game with the Pope now, said Lehmann on Sunday on German radio. Only under this condition was a return of the group of priests to the Catholic Church is possible.

Lehmann said that Pope Benedict XVI risked something with the lifting of excommunication against the four SSPX bishops. If he considers that this gesture of reconciliation had only received derisive responses, then the decision had already failed.

Lehmann also attempted to protect the Pope from criticism. Although an unbiased observer cannot but see amiss the decisions of Benedict in the decisions for re-authorization of Tridentine Mass, the related amendment to the Good Friday prayer for the Jews and the statements of Holocaust denier Richard Williamson as "a systematic tendency". He himself does not believe that the Pope supports such a tendency.

“The confrontation with the SSPX gives also an urgent imperative to the Catholic Church to make better known to the faithful than previously, the decrees adopted by the Council”, said Lehmann. "If I am a Christian in today's world, then I must also have to be informed about certain things," he said.

Cathcon- one would have to excommunicate a good proportion of the Bishops of the Catholic world for not implementing one part or another of Vatican II. But given the obsession with the last Council to exclusion of all the others, an even greater proportion would have to be excommunicated who did not give unreserved assent to all.
With friends like Cardinal Lehmann rushing to declare their protection, does the Pope need enemies?

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The Subsidiarity Institute said...

This becomes ever more ridiculous: the SSPX must accept "the decisions of the Vatican," or else. Meanwhile, the bishops refuse to accept the Motu Propio "decision."

Auxilliary Bishop Wagner caves in to pressure, backs down. Will the SSPX do the same?

God protect and the Holy Spirit inspire the Holy Father to save the Church he harmed so greatly when younger. He is now Peter, and it is up to him to steer the Barque of Peter to the safe harbor of the Church's two thousand years of Tradition and scuttle the scow of modernist nonsense that has been kept afloat too long. Think of Odysseus tying himself to the mast during the wanderings of the Odyssey, when the boat went adrfit. Half a century adrift in two thousand years doesn't have to mean that the way home can't be found.