Thursday, February 12, 2009

Better class of Bishops in Bavaria

Versuch der Wiedergutmachung - Starter -

Attempt to redress

Bavarian bishops express their solidarity with the Pope
The Bavarian bishops have given Pope Benedict XV their support in a letter. Given the "distorted discussion" about the church and also the office and person of the Pope, it was urgent to show their "inalienable solidarity" said the chair of the Freising Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich, writing on behalf of the bishops.

Freising Episcopal Conference
Next the letter says: "We are and will make every attempt to oppose with all our force any attempt to damage the Catholic Church and you, as our Holy Father with ambiguous and confusing statements which approximate to anti-Semitism." The attitude and utterances of the Pope were clear and unambiguous.

In their dioceses, the bishops had all made efforts, "to correct the in-part very misleading statements in the media and to contribute to a factual discussion." They will continue to try their best, the letter continues. And about the Pope: "We know that you possess spiritual depth and theological competence which you direct towards the unity of the Church, and towards those who will not take your outstretched hands."

The Freising Episcopal Conference, in addition to the seven Bavarian dioceses and the Diocese of Speyer support with the Pope the clear orientation in the Second Vatican Council, according to the letter. With Benedict XVI underlined the bishops, people could only be Catholic who fully accept this continuity and acknowledge the teaching authority of the Popes and the Councils. At the same time, they called for prayers for the Head of the Catholic Church.
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