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Cardinal's past comes back to haunt him


Der Karnevalist, der nichts kapiert - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

The Carnival Reveller who gets nothing. Diocese of Regensburg joins Cathcon in complaining about the Carnival Cardinal. Sadly, Regensburg have now removed the article from their website.

On the website of the Diocese of Regensburg, Cardinal Karl Lehmann is sharply attacked due to his critical position of the Pope. The lawyer Franz Norbert Otterbeck insults Lehmann as a "Carnival Reveller". Behind this is a former pupil of Lehmann, Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller.
Relations between teachers and students are often difficult. This also applies to Cardinal Karl Lehmann and Gerhard Ludwig Müller. The latter under the theology professor Lehmann received at the University of Freiburg his doctorate and lecturing post. Since Müller became Bishop of Regensburg, Lehmann has had some reason to wonder about the student: because of his harsh treatment of the laity, of crisis management in an abuse case, and because of the recent unsuccessful threatening of three theology professors, who supported a Vatican critical petition.

At the spring session of the bishops next week in Hamburg could Lehmann could ask Müller about this very personal attack: the website of the diocese of Regensburg cites Lehmann as "a Carnival Reveller", who had not “got” the Second Vatican Council and its doctrine of the Papal Office. Lehmann's criticism of the Pope's decisions were an "insolence," writes the Cologne-based lawyer Franz Norbert Otterbeck and insinuates Lehmann in the lee of an "apparent loss of popularity" of the Pope displays " an image of Ratzinger as the enemy." When Benedict XVI restored four traditionalist bishops of the SSPX to the Church, including the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, Lehmann called for a quick apology of Rome. Perhaps one or another of the Bishop will have the idea that Muller should now apologise to Lehmann.

Prosecution of Bishop Williamson almost inevitable following statement of Bavarian Justice Minister

Justiz in Bayern - Ministerium - Pressemitteilung 34/09

Justice Minister Beate Merk:
"Bavarian Prosecutor investigates Williamson" / Holocaust denial a criminal offense in Germany

In the debate about the criminal responsibility of the Holocaust denier Williamson Bavarian Justice Minister Dr. Beate Merk explains: "Those who, like Williamson deny the terrible and manifest mass murder of Jews during the Nazi era, not debate about a historical fact. He also deeply violated the dignity of the victims. " Germany cannot accept such behavior, given its historical responsibility, under any circumstances and must emphatically oppose him. Therefore, under German law, the denial of the Holocaust as a violation of humanity has for a long time been punished with imprisonment up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine if done publicly in a manner which is likely to disturb the public peace. The Regensburg Prosecutors Office have been conducting an inquiry since early February into the Williamson statements on a Swedish television channel, to determine whether these conditions are met.

Frau Merk like any good conservative believes in protecting the victim rather than the perpetrator

and thinks that true justice is an advantage for any geographical location. Cathcon suspects that she sees herself as the first female Minister President of Bavaria.

German Justice Minister has also spoken on Bishop Williamson

Bishop Fellay will exclude Bishop Williamson from the SSPX if he denies the Holocaust again

Fellay exclura Williamson de sa communauté s'il nie encore l'Holocauste - dépêches AFP -

In an interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel to be published Monday, the superior of the of the Society of Saint Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, said that Bishop Richard Williamson will be excluded if he repeats his denial. "If he is silent, if he remains in a corner, thats probably best for everyone. I hope he disappears from public life for quite some time," Bishop Fellay said in this interview, announcing he will exclude Bishop Williamson from the SSPX "if he starts again to deny the Holocaust."

Bishop Fellay said that the apology by Bishop Williamson in a letter published Thursday are "in any case a first request for forgiveness, and an important step in the right direction." "One can always wish for a better formulation. Nevertheless, this request for forgiveness is sincere, his intention to withdrawn the comments is real," he continues. "He hurt and sullied our reputation. We make clear our distance from him," he says again. Bishop Fellay had asked Bishop Williamson to reconsider his denial and forbidden him to make public appearances without his agreement and relieved him of his office of Director of the Seminary of La Reja, near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bishop Williamson Thursday expressed regret for his statements later. But they have been deemed unsatisfactory by the Vatican. Bishops Bishop Fellay and Williamson are two of the four bishops whose excommunication were lifted by the Vatican in January. This decision created a huge controversy, because of the positions of Holocaust denial held by Bishop Williamson.

Fire sale of Churches in Canada

Reactions Canada Quebec's churches need miracle

It might be quite beautiful, with its golden cross next to the steeple, its triumphal arches inside, its extraordinary Casavant organ presiding, but that hasn't stopped Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours from steadily becoming abandoned. Barely 100 seats in its pews built for 1,000 are taken on Sundays, and that's on a good day.

"We take in maybe $100 or $125 during the collection," says Father Pierre Charbot, shrugging. Not nearly enough to even pay the heating.

As a result, the church is for sale. But the west-end edifice has been on the market for more than a year, and so far, no one's buying.

Officials are still hopeful, but as of now, the majestic grey-stone church is a white elephant.

The fire sale of Catholic churches in Quebec continues unabated; they are victims of a population that, more than elsewhere in Canada, has turned its back on organized religion.

Fewer than 10 per cent actually attend mass.

Feast of the Ascension should be replaced by Evolution Day

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

Atheists in Germany need a legally required holiday. Ascension should be replaced by Evolution Day. A campaign to enforce this requirement will be started the Giordano Bruno Foundation on 25 February. The occasion is provided by the 200th Birthday of the founder of evolution theory Charles Darwin (1809-1822), said the CEO of the atheistic foundation, Michael Schmidt-Salomon. He does not expect the federal states to set up an additional public holiday, so suggests the renaming of the Ascension. On the one hand, most Christians in Germany anyway do not believe in the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven, on the other hand, many families took advantage of the Ascension holiday for excursions. In fairness, Evolution Day would cause little offense, according to Schmidt-Salomon. The "confessional free-one third of society should be taken into account in the public holidays.

The Giordano Bruno Foundation is a member of the Coordinating Council of Secular Organizations founded in mid-December. It claims that more than one third of the German population is non-denominational. The head of the Protestant Center for Philosophical Questions (EZW), Pastor Reinhard Hempelmann (Berlin), objected. It was a "wish removed from reality and possibility of implementatioon." People who do not belong to religious or belief groups should not simply be considered as "anonymous humanists or atheists'. More than two thirds of Germany's 82.5 million inhabitants belong to a religious community. The Roman Catholic Church has 25.5 million and the country's Protestant churches, 24.9 million members. There are approximately 1.4 million Orthodox and 875,000 free church members (including German communities coming from Russia). The number of Muslims is 3.5 million.

SSPX- Bishop Williamson's step in the right direction

D: Pius-Bruderschaft sieht „Schritt in die richtige Richtung“:

As a "step in the right direction," the SSPX in Germany has rated the declaration of the traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson on the Holocaust . Further development will show whether the statement was sufficient, said the spokesman of the SSPX, Matthias Gaudrom on Friday in Stuttgart. Williamson on Thursday in a declaration published in London apologised for his controversial statements about the Holocaust.
And today also
Cardinal Lehmann has warned in his Lenten message about an over-reaction to the crisis by German Catholics and expressly defended the Pope.

Bishop Mixa attacked by leader of Bavarian Jewish Community

Empörung über Mixa - ''Jetzt ist ein klärendes Wort der Kirche nötig'' - Bayern -

"Now is a word of explanation is needed from the Church "

Josef Schuster, the President of the Jewish communities in Bavaria says that Mixa’s speech is ignoble.
The recent statements of the Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa produce on the Jewish side incomprehension and anger. Josef Schuster, the President of the Jewish religious community in Bavaria, sees in Mixa’s words a deliberate provocation.

SZ: What do you say when Walter Mixa compares the abortion with the Holocaust?
Josef Schuster: I is not stop the language. Mixa is not the first Catholic priests, such a comparison draws. Obviously, some in the Catholic Church are not in a position to learn from the mistakes of other dignitaries. Joachim Meisner at least apologized afterwards.

SZ: Bishop Walter Mixa, in Dinkelsbühl distanced himself from Holocaust denier Richard Williamson.
Schuster: But as Mixa formulated this, it is simply ignoble: first to say SSPX member Richard Williamson was the evil, and then in an even supposedly more elegant way to relativise the Holocaust.

SZ: Was that a gaffe?
Schuster: No, that was no coincidence. A bishop is a man who has a proven intellect. Such things are not said without consideration, but very deliberately.

SZ: Should there be consequences from the Jewish standpoint?
Schuster: Now a word of explanation is really needed from the leaders of the Catholic Church in Germany - and soon.

SZ: Maybe the Catholic Church in Germany thinks like Walter Mixa - or is Mixa a specifically Bavarian phenomenon?
Schuster: There are indeed differences between the German and Bavarian level. Unlike the rest of Germany,the reaction of the Bavarian bishops in the Williamson case was not quite so obvious and clear.

SZ: So from your perspective at the time Archbishop Marx should find clear words?
Schuster: I'm very excited. On Sunday in Munich, the “Week of Brotherhood” opened of the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation . The keynote speaker is Archbishop Marx. I'm really excited!

SZ: On the Jewish side, there are some who would prefer to stay away from “The Week of Brotherhood” - because of the mild reaction in the case of Williamson.
Schuster: Parties participate in the “Week of Brotherhood” who have an interest in the coexistence of religions. It would be my opinion, not right to boycott them. But we hope from the chairman of the Bavarian Bishops' Conference, clear words - especially in the Mixa case.

Bishop Schwarz trip to Rome- update

Bischof Schwarz nach Rom bestellt

The Diocese of Linz is not at peace: Bishop Ludwig Schwarz broke off yesterday for a sudden visit to Rome. The originally scheduled meeting with young people planned for yesterday evening in Linz Cathedral planned, which is called the monthly youth catechesis, had to be canceled.

The Diocese is trying to portray the travel as nothing particularly unusual and is seeking to avoid giving the impression that Bishop Schwarz was summoned to Rome.

However, there is much to be said for such an interpretation: it has been confirmed that the Vatican visit is in connection with Gerhard Maria Wagner's renunciation of the appointment as Bishop of Linz, and that this particular visit was not planned of a long time. It should be about recent events in the Diocese of Linz and about the extraordinary results of the Episcopal Conference "personally" are spoken.

It was in the Diocese assumes that the turbulence with the withdrawal of Wagner would rapidly create, this new rush of confidence diminished.

Schönborn in Linz
The sensitivity of the situation is shown by the fact that during this past week, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn should have come to Linz for an unofficial meeting with Bishop Schwarz.

Behind the scenes, it is stated that Wagner's withdrawal was originally received in the Vatican by the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops Giovanni Battista Re and had been accepted.

But then Wagner made utterances in various interviews that his withdrawal was made "not entirely voluntarily", which excited attention in Rome. Above all, Wagner, in this context suggested Bishop Schwarz no longer gave him his confidence which with the critical opinion of the Austrian bishops on the Wagner Appointment triggered irritation.

Riddles about the consequences
The church arch-conservative wing to which Wagner belongs spreads rumours that there could even be an apostolic visitation, as was the case in the Diocese of St. Pölten after the Seminary scandal. This variant was described by church experts as highly unlikely. "Of this we have heard nothing," says a contact in the Linz diocese.

What consequences that the Schwarz trip to Rome could have for the Diocese , remains a mystery in Linz

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Vatican Wants More From Bishop Williamson

report from Zenit

Bishop Fellay rejects Vatican II

«La Fraternité Saint-Pie X n'est pas prête à reconnaître Vatican II» :: Le Courrier :: Quotidien suisse et indépendant

The Vatican requires recognition of the Council to reinstate the Lefebvrists. It is "putting the cart before the horse," complains Bishop Fellay.

The lifting of the excommunication of four bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX) does not mean "integration" in the Church, but is a door open to "dialogue", stated the Secretary of State , February 4, in response to the controversy caused by the remarks of negationist and rehabilitated prelate, Bishop Richard Williamson (who has just returned to Britain). But Rome as a condition of integration requires "full recognition of Vatican II" and "the teaching of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI himself." No problem for the second point, but the schismatic fraternity is sticking to its position in regard to its virulent denunciation of the Council on behalf of their struggle for the restoration of the tradition.

According to the SSPX, dates for dialogue meetings have not yet been fixed, but both parties are working on them. Interview with the SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay - successor to the late Archbishop Lefebvre.

The condition imposed by Rome to reinstate the Fraternity in the Church is the recognition of Vatican II. Is the SSPX willing to take that step?

No. The Vatican has recognised the need for preliminary meetings to address substantive issues arising precisely from Vatican II. To make the recognition of the council a prerequisite would be to put the cart before the horse.

You would have said, in interviews with the Roman authorities aimed at reinstatement that you wish to achieve a solid restoration of the Church. Your hope is therefore that the Church can turn her back on the achievements of Vatican II?

Yes, because these gains are pure loss: the fruits of the council were empty seminaries, churches and novitiates. Thousands of priests have abandoned their priesthood and millions of the faithful have ceased to practice or have turned to cults. The belief of the faithful has been distorted. Really, its funny to understand!

In this respect, is the SSPX still hostile to freedom of conscience in matters of religion, ecumenism and interreligious dialogue?

It is clear that adherence to a religion requires a free act. So often when people say that the SSPX is against freedom of conscience in matters of religion, one attributes to the SSPX a theory that it does not hold. Conscious is the ultimate judge the goodness of our actions. And in this sense no one can act against his conscience without sin. But conscious is not an absolute, it depends on good and the true ends and therefore every man has the duty to train and educate authentically his conscience. Thus the Church must be a responsible mother who enlightens and guides our minds and often simply removes shadows. With regard to ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, it all depends on what we mean by these words. There is great confusion about this. Of course, like any human being and for the good of society we want to live in peace with all men, our fellow human beings. In religious matters, we wish to respond strongly to the desire of Our Lord: "Let all be one", so there will be finally just one flock, one shepherd ... "If ecumenism means the continuation of this noble goal, we are of course for it. If you can see in contrast a path that does not support this fundamental unity, unity that leads necessarily to a view of truth - which the Catholic Church still claims today to be the sole possessor in its entirety! - then we protest.

In fact, we see that ecumenism remains at a very superficial level of understanding and living in society, but does not approach fundamental matters.

From what status within the church could the SSPX benefit?

We'll see if these doctrinal discussions produces something positive. Whatever God wants!

Slovakian bishop says lesbians and homosexuals are perverse.

In Slovakia, a bishop has become invoved in the ongoing presidential campaign - and has made comments against lesbians and gays. The newspaper "Pravda" (probably not the Pravda but a Slovakian Pravda (the word means truth), says Rudolf Balaz, head of the diocese of Banska Bystrica described in a sermon homosexuals as "perverts", who should not get the right to adopt children . Zuzuna Martikova, a candidate for the presidency, now calls for consequences: Matikovka said that the bishop in his speech had offended homosexuals and should apologize. With the rest of the sermon, Balaz attacked the candidate of the opposition center-right parties, Iveta Radicova because he is not clearly for an abortion ban . Radicova is outraged: "The remarks of Bishop Rudolf Balaz grieved my family and my relatives." She wants clarify the matter personally with Bishop Balaz . The first ballot of the presidential elections in Slovakia will be held on 21 March and if necessary a second ballot on 4 April. The current office-holder Ivan Gasparovic has, according to opinion polls, great chances of reelection.

"Every Catholic must be clear that he cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position opposed to the moral laws of the Church." Bishop Balaz

Bishop Williamson, neo-Nazis and SSPX

from Articles of Faith

See also Critics reject apology

Bishop of Linz summoned to Rome

at short notice

Coadjutor or apostolic visitation on the way? According to the article more Austrian bishops are supporting the idea of a visitation.

Main Vienna newspaper says that The Diocese of Linz is not at peace.

According to the news service Bishop Ludwig Schwarz was called to Rome to give his position on the case of Fr Wagner. Wagner, whose resignation letter has now arrived in the Congregation of Bishops, has declared that only under pressure did he withdraw from the office of the Bishop of Linz. According to Pope Benedict XVI now has the case in primary focus and will personally take care of the matter.

According to in the Vatican, there are increasing calls for a visitation and a visit of inspection for the Diocese . Supposedly also several Austrian bishops, leveling behind the scenes criticisms of Bishop Schwarz for his Causa Wagner practice, call for a papal visitation in Linz. Such visitations are rare. The best known in recent times was in the seminary of St. Pölten in 2004.

In Rome, supposedly also the possibility of a Coadjutor Bishop for Bishop Schwarz is not excluded. The Coadjutor has, in contrast to the Bishop, special powers and has the right to be the bishop's successor.

Storm over Bishop Mixa for connecting holocaust and abortion


Holocaust und Abtreibung: Mixa wehrt sich gegen "bösartige" Vorwürfe Aktuelles aus Franken Studio Franken BR

Holocaust and abortion
Mixa fighting against "malicious" allegations

A speech by the Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg at an event to CSU in Frankish Dinkelsbühl faces criticism: The Bishop made a connection between the number of Holocaust victims and the abortions carried out in Germany in recent years. Allegations that Mixa relativised the Holocaust have been rejected by the diocese "with indignation".

Mixa was a guest speaker on the theme "Values and Ethics in Politics" at an event organized by the Dinkelsbühl CSU, when he brought the two issues together. In an allusion to the debate about the SSPX Mixa stressed that the Holocaust on the scale of six million deaths had certainly taken place. The Bishop of Augsburg, adding that this figure had already been exceeded by the number of abortions.
"Holocaust must never be compared"

For some listeners the comparison caused resentment. Even the Mayor of Dinkelsbühl, Christoph Hammer, who was the host believes the connection of the two themes to be infelicitous. "The Holocaust is such a horrible, brutal crime that it can never be compared to another injustice," said Mayor Buehler to the Bayerischer Rundfunk. With all due respect for the bishop, these should not be compared, says the Lord Mayor continuing: "The Incomparable and unimaginable cannot be relativised."

Diocese rejects sharply allegations
Meanwhile, the Augsburg Diocese defends itself against allegations There could be no question of a relativisation of the "ghastly injustice against the Jewish people", said diocese spokesman Christoph Goldt. The spokesman said, Mixa on contrary had sharply distanced himself in the CSU Ash Wednesday meeting in Dinkelsbühl from the Holocaust denier and bishop of the SSPX Richard Williamson and denoted the murder of six million Jews as an appalling and unique crime.

Accusation "absurd and evil"

Bishop Mixa then "in a broader context" of the theme "ethics and morality in politics," pointed out that even at the present time crimes are being committed against life. The bishop referred to, among other things, the number of abortions in the past decades, which according to expert estimates, has now exceeded nine million. To contruct a relativization of the Holocaust by the bishop out of this was "absurd and malicious." Also, by specifying the different figures in different issue areas no relativization of the Holocaust was made, said diocese spokesman Goldt.

Bishop Mixa has a record of being provocative, not least in Israel.

Vatican not satisfied with Bishop Williamson

Bishop's apology over Holocaust denial not enough: Vatican International Reuters

EU consider sanctions against Bishop Williamson

Reactions - Heimkehr des Holocaust-Leugners: EU prüft Sanktionen gegen Williamson - Europa

The half-apology for his denial of the mass murder of Jews could be of little use to the Bishop. Upon his return home to Britain the EU's Justice Ministers are considering legal action Williamson. Also, the German Minister of Justice wants “to deal with him". The Holocaust denier Richard Williamson following his return to Europe can expect to be prosecution. The European Framework Decision on action to combat Racism and Xenophobia could offer a tool against the priest of the Catholic SSPX, said the EU Presidency spokesman, Czech Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil in prior discussions with his counterparts on Friday in Brussels. "Personally I think it's possible, but it must be discussed," said Pospisil.

The crucial question is whether, as racism and xenophobia were criminalised under national law added Pospisil. The Williamson case is not yet on the agenda of the Council of Ministers: "We could think about it more in the future." Even Federal Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries advocated action against the priest, who publicly denied the destruction of millions of Jews in gas chambers by the Nazis: "In any case, he has arrived in the EU," said Zypries. The Regensburg Prosecutor is already investigating Williamson after his statements made in a TV interview in the Bavarian town of Zaitzkofen. An arrest warrant or extradition request against the bishop has not yet been issued.

Williamson on Wednesday returned from Argentina to his home in Britain. He apologized to the Pontifical Commission responsible for traditionalists for his remarks: "I'm sorry, these statements are to have made." The content of his allegations however the SSPX member would not take back. The case has attracted worldwide attention, because Pope Benedict XVI has lifted the exclusion of the priests from the Catholic Church. Williamson refused to comply with the call of the pope to retracts his statements.

Video of arrival of Bishop Williamson in London


Central Council of German Jews repudiates Bishop Williamson's "messed up" declaration


The first reactions to the new declaration are not exactly positive: The Vice-President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann has rejected the apology of Bishop Richard Williamson for his Holocaust denial as a "third-class regret".

"Williamson takes his false theories about the Holocaust and its denial in no way back, but he regrets only that his words have had a harmful effect," said Graumann in conversation with "".

Williamson had also stated his opinion had been formed 20 years ago "because of the then existing evidence" "As if 20 years ago the existence of the Holocaust was placed in doubt," Graumann is outraged, adding: "No: this thoroughly messed up declaration by Williamson unfortunately takes nothing back, admits rather in the conclusion that he holds Holocaust denial, which he has already given pathologically full expression to for many years, again as upright. "

For Graumann, the theme to "not in any way removed from the table, but more topical than ever." He made again in this connection sharp criticism of Pope Benedict XVI. The excommunication of Williamson despite the Holocaust-denial, as well as three other traditionalist bishops of the ultra-conservative SSPX was withdrawn. "This fatal mistake of the Vatican has unfortunately ongoing validity," said Graumann.

Williamson apologised on Thursday in a declaration published in London for his controversial statements about the Holocaust. He asked all who were sincerely shocked because of his words, " for forgiveness before God," which was reported by the Catholic Internet agency "" quoting the statement. Williamson had about four months ago claimed that there was no historical evidence for the existence of gas chambers and not six million Jews, but 200 000 to 300 000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Bernard Fellay had invited him to rethink the remarks which he had made four months before to Swedish TV because of their very serious consequences were it was. He says, "Observing these consequences I can truthfully say that I regret having made such remarks, and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the Church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them."

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German Bishops' Conference to discuss SSPX

D: Thissen begrüßt Bischofskonferenzthema „Piusbruderschaft“

At their Spring meeting, 2nd-5th March.

"An aggressive educational work is necessary within churches to combat anti-semitism"

The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, has warned about serious anti-Semitic tendencies in the churches.

"Recent events illustrate how deeply rooted anti-Semitism is, especially in the fundamentalist currents of the Catholic Church," she says to WELT ONLINE. "It is shocking, with such assumptions that in an enlightened society Jewish people are criticised from behind or openly called murderers of God," criticized Knobloch.

The President of the Central Council of Jews will take part on Sunday at the central ceremony of the "Week of Brotherhood" with German President Horst Köhler at the Hamburg Schauspielhaus. She will, however, not be making a speech.

As Charlotte Knobloch said, the Central Council of Jews expects from the "Week of Brotherhood," that from all sides a clear demarcation will be made from anti-Semitic groups, who agitate with age-old stereotypes against Jewish people. It is not sufficient in churches to condemn anti-Semitism. Rather it was the moral duty of the churches to combat anti-Semitism within their own ranks.

Knobloch called on those responsible, "to direct themselves as quickly as possible to false anti-Semitic developments within the churches." To condemn latent anti-Semitism, an aggressive educational work is necessary.

In the context of the "Week of Brotherhood", which has been organized since 1952 and the Christian-Jewish dialogue, the President of the Central Council of Jews said: "This dialogue, which for decades has grown slowly and led to a coexistence of religions in mutual respect, can only continue to function well if the theme of anti-Semitism is made a topic, paid attention to and clarified and that the historically burdened mission to the Jews in a modern society can no longer have a place. "

Charlotte Knobloch also commented on the clashes with the Vatican in recent weeks and the rehabilitation of the British churchman Bishop Williamson, who denies the Holocaust. The Pope did condemn the denial of the Holocaust and any form of anti-Semitism, but as yet has considered no consequences for the anti-semitic SSPX, she criticized. It was in this context, incomprehensible and absurd, that the Vatican had allowed Williamson time for consideration so that he could convince himself about th existence of the Holocaust. "This is a farce for all survivors of the genocide, in which six million Jewish people were murdered."

Charlotte Knobloch again criticized the role of Pope Benedict XVI on the question of the Jewish mission. The reformulation of the Good Friday Prayers is in her view a clear step backwards in Christian-Jewish dialogue. "Through the backward looking intervention of the Pope, words have been give to a disdain of the Jewish religion which is not appropriate to a tolerant theology and therefore is dangerous."

Fr Wagner- now the Honorary Citizenship is in doubt

Ehrenbürgerschaft für Pfarrer Gerhard M. Wagner ist noch offen

The conferment of honorary citizenship of Windischgarsten on Father Gerhard Maria Wagner is still not certain.

The proposal comes from Mayor Norbert Vögerle (Peoples' Party- the Christian Democrats), who in a conversation with the other party leaders was assured of the consent of all parties in the town council .

"However, at the time Father Wagner had not yet announced his withdrawal from the future office as Bishop of the Diocese of Linz ," says SP-chairman Manfred Trinkl. He fears a split in the village, if the application should be on the agenda for the council meeting next Friday and Wagner is actually given the Honorary Citizenship.

"It is not the right time," agrees councilor Reinhard Virag (Socialist) . "We stand behind the priest, but at the present time, it is not defensible, in addition to causing a stir." FP-Chairman Werner Fuchs says the whole place is standing behind Wagner and his pastoral activities were positive. Mayor Norbert Vögerle yesterday could not be reached for a telephone opinion .

Cathcon: the Austrian comedy show continues

Bishop Williamson apologises to all souls that took honest scandal before God


The Holy Father and my Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, have requested that I reconsider the remarks I made on Swedish television four months ago, because their consequences have been so heavy.

Observing these consequences I can truthfully say that I regret having made such remarks, and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the Church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them.

On Swedish television I gave only the opinion (…„I believe“…„I believe“…) of a non-historian, an opinion formed 20 years ago on the basis of evidence then available and rarely expressed in public since. However, the events of recent weeks and the advice of senior members of the Society of St. Pius X have persuaded me of my responsibility for much distress caused. To all souls that took honest scandal from what I saidbefore God I apologise.

As the Holy Father has said, every act of injust violence against one man hurts all mankind.

+Richard Williamson
London 26 February 2009.

Cardinal Schönborn spins

• • Unruhe in der katholischen Kirche: Erzdiözese bezeichnet Gerüchte als Unsinn • Politik, Inland:

From those close to Cardinal Archbishop Christoph Schoenborn, the NEWS learned yesterday that, an "official acknowledgment of the Pope is absolutely not necessary," and also the latest rumours current during the week which also reached the archbishop's palace in Vienna that the Vatican could in any case consecrate Dr. Wagner in Rome rather in Linz they take to be sheer nonsense, because this would be a total snub for the local episcopate and many Catholics, not just in the Diocese of Linz .

Bishop Richard Williamson in line for speaking date

from-Times Online

The SSPX should only give him a platform for a full and unreserved apology to the Pope, the Church and the Jewish people.

Dissident theologians criiticised by Bavarian Bishops

D: Freisinger Bischofskonferenz kritisiert „Petition Vaticanum II“:

The Freising Bishops' Conference has criticised the argumentation in the "Petition Vaticanum II". The Bishops of the Conference reject the allegation that the Pope has betrayed the Second Vatican Council.

The Council set out the Catholic faith "in an authentic and also accessible and convincing manner," the bishops continue. The Council decisions were "binding in their entirety on the Catholic Church, adds the Freising Bishops' Conference.

Full background

Vatican II was bigger than the Council itself

Dr. John C. Rao: George Weigel and "The Happening"

If I should ever write a book called Begging the Question, Mr. Weigel's insistence on "unambiguously affirming Vatican II" would provide me all the material I would need to complete the task. For those two little words, "Vatican II" have never referred solely to a particular, self-contained Ecumenical Council in the way that the words "Ephesus" or "Lateran IV" or "Trent" do. "Vatican II" has always meant a great deal more than this from the very first moment that media-savvy theologians hijacked the original conciliar working documents to promote their own vision of progressive Christianity.

Vatican II was "the event" and then every Mass after it had to be "an event". Spot on comments from Dr Rao

Muslim converts to Catholicism launch Novena for the Pope

VATICAN At Lent, let us pray for the Pope - Asia News

The bravest among us!
For this Lent we are inviting our readers to devote a special prayer for Pope Benedict XVI. The idea came to us from a number of Muslim converts to Christianity who wrote to AsiaNews launching a novena for the Pontiff. They see in Benedict XVI as a “defender of the weak” and “a sign of Jesus’ love” in a world that is trying to attack him every which way. As new converts they too are among the weak, forced to hide their conversion even from their family. Moreover, the Pope himself had asked for a special prayer.

On the day the Church celebrated the Chair of Peter (22 February),  Benedict XVI spoke to pilgrims in St Peter’s Square during the Angelus, asking them to “accompany me with your prayers so that I may faithfully accomplish the high task Divine Providence has placed upon me as Successor to the Apostle Peter” and bishop of Rome. Indeed, the Church is “called to fulfil a special service for the People of God as a whole.”

We all know how difficult ecumenism, the struggle for Christian unity, can be. Every step the Pope takes is met by coldness, indifference and prevarication from other Churches. Here is one example among many. Despite Benedict XVI’s many prayers and attention, the new Orthodox patriarch of Moscow said, a day after his election, that a trip by the Pontiff to Moscow was not possible for the foreseeable future.

The Pope’s search for unity also suffers from trying to hold together various Catholic strands, still too much divided (perhaps confused) between “progressive” and “traditionalists”, “North” and “South”, “rich” and “poor”, each missing the chance of respecting one another other, and acting as one in bearing witness to the faith in a world that is increasingly becoming atheistic.

The lifting of the excommunication on Lefebvrist Bishop Williamson gave  many politicians, big and small, an opportunity to accuse the Pope of anti-Semitism, without getting their facts straight or realising that Benedict  XVI is the one who build a strong relationship with the Jewish world over the years. It is almost as if everyone got together to cast stones against the scapegoat of the week. In fact Benedict XVI is one of the few voices saying that humans cannot be bought by politics or that the state must serve the public good.

In a continent like Europe where plans are underway to introduce  euthanasia and eugenics, the Pope has insisted that “Man will always be greater than all that which makes up his body.” He has slammed the mindset that views life and personal dignity as “based [only] on one's own desire and individual freedom,” giving precedence to the “active faculties, to proficiency, to physical perfection and beauty.”

In all these “incidents” there may have been some errors or clumsiness by the Roman Curia, but in the “war” against Benedict XVI there is above all an attempt to stifle those who tell everyone that there is an absolute value in human beings.

As crises overtake ideologies and economies, overwhelming the world, this is the latest attempt to get rid of God as if he was a final burden. 

"The whole point is Jesus is totally inclusive,"

Catholic parish starts religious ed for autistic -

No, it is not, rather St Mark 10

13 And they brought to him young children, that he might touch them. And the disciples rebuked them that brought them.
14 Whom when Jesus saw, he was much displeased, and saith to them: Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God.
15 Amen I say to you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall not enter into it. 16 And embracing them, and laying his hands upon them, he blessed them.
17 And when he was gone forth into the way, a certain man running up and kneeling before him, asked him, Good Master, what shall I do that I may receive life everlasting?
18 And Jesus said to him, Why callest thou me good? None is good but one, that is God.

I once, a long time ago, said to a traditionalist Catholic that I was impressed with special Masses in the Novus Ordo for the disabled because of their simplicity and flexibility. He said, "You would deny them the greatest thing this side of Heaven". To which there is no answer.

Indeed, the son of one of my friends who is autistic asked to be received into the Catholic Church shortly after coming into residence in a Catholic care home. He knew the fact which all the clever people in the world make excuses to avoid- the unique salvific role of the Church which Christ founded.

The best day of my life was spent in a special needs school - I could see the face of Christ on each and every one of the children.

A learned despiser of Cathcon once said that I was "autistic" because I would not listen. Untrue, because austistic childen listen and have difficulty in responding, to them the world being a closed circle, but like the early Christians, for whom "Christian" was a pejorative, it is a charge I gladly accept.

If ever there was a proof that great good can come out of what seems profound evil, the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will be on a mission to ensure that society thinks first of and acts for its must vulnerable, whether at the beginning or the end of their lives or even during.

Dinner with Michele Renouf


One of the most painful evenings of my life was spent in the company of Michele Renouf. We had invited an elderly Count, now sadly passed away, around for dinner, who told us that he would be probably be bringing Raine Spencer, who we had met before from time to time. But we were not due for a quiet social evening. He brought with him instead Michele Renouf clothed Indian style, a memory of a previous romance.

A priest was also present. We all were amazed when she regaled us with theories about the superfluousness of the Old Testament. She also declared that Jesus was not in the slightest way Jewish echoing, ironically, the views of the 19th century liberal Catholic theologian, Ernest Renan who wrote The Life of Christ.

More recently, according to Wikepedia, she has gone further

She has been working during 2007-8 on Pious Piracy, a new DVD about the New Testament that questions whether Jesus ever existed and that features interviews with Prof. Dr. Christian Lindtner (author of Gematria and the Gospels), Kenneth Humphreys ("Jesus never Existed"), and Dr Zacharias Thundy ("Buddha and Christ"').

Adding irony to irony, Ernest Renan wrote a work called "Anti-Christ", which is the fourth volume of his "Magnum Opus", the origins of Christianity whose tone is less than sympathetic to Judaism. The only time that I have heard Bishop Williamson preach, he opened his sermon with the words, "The Anti-Christ is approaching", a sermon completely lacking in the pious hope, intrinsic to Christianity, that the Church can be restored prior to the dread day of judgement. He held out as little hope for Catholicism as Renan did for the Jews.

Return to our dinner party. How can there be a Christianity without the magnificent prayers of the Psalms, how can the Old Testament be read except as a providential foretelling of the great Redemption that was at hand? Michele Renouf is not alone in thinking that there are no archetypes in the Old Testament- there are liberal Catholic professors in Rome who think that they are merely poetic contrivances.

Michele Renouf was at the time studying at the Jesuit Heythrop College who were clearly so liberal as to tolerate such gross error. The priest at the dinner party did all he could to correct her views, but she was obstinate.

Bishop Williamson should be careful about the company he keeps. Does he not know that David Irving's best friend is the playwright, Hochhuth, whose play The Representative can be seen as the ultimate source of every myth about the wartime role of Pope Pius XII? See Articles of Faith.

The Bishop would be the first to say that "error has no rights" but then goes and gives voice to such a grave error. The final irony is that his erstwhile pursuers would be, at least in theory, the last people to maintain that "error has no rights."

All this just stresses the importance of a high view of truth. As the great Anglican theologian, E L Mascall put it (whose sadly didn't in the end convert),

For there is really nothing academic, in the pejorative sense, about the notion of Truth at all. It lies at the base of all sane human intercourse, civilized and uncivilized alike. It is what children are taught to teil and what even liars hope they will be thought to be telling. It is what every witness in a court of law is placed under oath to respect and for disregard of which he may be sentenced for perjury. The capacity to recognize it differentiates man from the brutes. It is the ground of what I have described as the Intellectual Principle. And that, as I said at the beginning, is so obvious that hardly anyone but philosophers and theologians would think of questioning it.

and Pope Benedict is firm that truth cannot ever be relativised, as the modern world, to the left and the right and the centre of politics is so fond of doing.

Cardinal Meisner hits out at Carnival

Rosenmontagszug: Kardinal Meisner schimpft über Karnevalswagen RP ONLINE

At the Düsseldorf Carnival Procession which takes place every year on the Monday before Ash Wednesday, the Pope is shown shaking the devil's hand. The devil was in this case Bishop Williamson, a Holocaust denier and an illegally consecrated bishop of the traditionalists. Cologne's Cardinal Joachim Meisner believes that the Papal theme in this procession to be hurtful.

The presentation of Pope Benedict XVI shaking the the hand of the devil in the guise of Bishop Williamson," he would not leave unchallenged, writes the archbishop in the next edition of the church newspaper for the Archdiocese of Cologne." Meisner literally: "The presentation is not only wrong, it is also hurtful."  Pictures and earlier report

"Presentation wrong and hurtful"
The cardinal stressed that the specific contribution was just an "Interruption", the carnival being a good opportunity to take aim at politics and society. "But if humor becomes malice, spoof becomes damaging and over emphasis, falsification, then the carnival itself looses." This is what happened in the portrayal of the Pope in Dusseldorf.

At World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, the Rhine countries opened their hearts wide open to the Pope, writes Meisner further. Cordiality and cheerfulness were also features of the carnival. "This should remain so," says the Cardinal. The vehicle of the Düsseldorf carnival wagon maker Jacques Tilly the smiling Pope shakes the hand of the Holocaust deniers and illegally consecrated traditionalist Bishop Williamson. The SSPX member is depicted as a red devil with the word "antisemitism" .
Carnival hits back coming soon!

30000 Catholics criticise the Pope

Immer mehr Gläubige stützen Petition gegen Williamson - 30 000 kritisieren den Papst - Nachrichten -

More and more believers support petition against Williamson
Munich - Approximately 30 000 people, including many theology professors, have so far signed a petition to Pope Benedict XVI for the lifting of the excommunication of the traditionalist-Bishop and Richard Williamson criticized Holocaust deniers. It was reported from the districts of the initiators. An official figure will be be published during the spring session of the German bishops which begins in Hamburg on Monday . The petition disturbs the German bishops, since the Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller had threatened three signatory Professors with sanctions if they do not remove their signatures. In spite of a jointly published statement by the Diocese and the theological faculty of Regensburg , which should have settles the dispute, the matter for Bishop Müller is apparently not over. In an interview he said the statement an "attack on the Pope." This was contradicted by one of the authors of the petition, the Heidelberg professor emeritus Norbert Scholl, in an open letter to Mueller. The petition has been drafted "from a great concern for the welfare of the Church" . By his action against the signatories Müller was "increasingly incomprehensible" - even to the Bishop's colleagues. He, Scholl, had experienced in the GDR, "how many priests and devout Catholics have suffered in the power apparatus of the GDR regime ." But from a bishop, he expected, rather than being required to submit for him to search for dialogue.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

German politician assures solidarity with the Pope

from the Passauer Neue Presse

After the controversy over remarks made by Holocaust denier and traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson, the Head of the Christian Social Union (the main political party in Bavaria), Horst Seehofer has assured Pope Benedict XVI of complete solidarity . "We must not allow the integrity of the Holy Father and his attitude toward the Holocaust and anti-Semitism to be put in any way in doubt," said Seehofer to thousands of CSU supporters in the Political Ash Wednesday Meeting (an annual fixture in the political calendar) in Passau. The Vatican had made mistakes, he said. The Pope, however, has the solidarity of Bavaria.

"We stand by the Pontifex Bavariae."

The Vatican had in January lifted the excommunication of the four bishops of arch-conservative SSPX, including Williamson. The Pope has since been strongly criticised by Jewish organizations . Williamson denied in a television interview the murder of six million Jews in the Nazi gas chambers.

Bishop Williamson should be careful of the company he keeps

Renouf greets expelled bishop

Linz Bishop let Father Wagner fall

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

Josef Bauer, the spokesman of the Linz Circle of Priests(LPK) gave an interview to the Linz Kirchenzeitung: "First to organise a rabbit hunt, then to offer dialogue, looks like cynicism" regrets Josef Bauer, Parish Priest of Hohenzell and Chairman of the Linz Circle of Priests, on the case of Wagner in conversation with the Kirchenzeitung. The Linz circle (LPK) was formed around 20 years ago, because their approximately 30 members did not feel that their pastoral concerns were represented in the official Diocesan Council of Priests.

Bauer cannot recognise the basis for dialogue, as it had been shown that the conversation does not make a lot of sense. This is because there are cartels of power in the Diocese of Linz, where one bishop after another must follow the line developed in Linz. And if you cannot commit to this line, one will be shot down like Bishop Wagner. "

A Bishop Rudigier prayer circle specially formed by the LPK prays especially for the concerns of priests. Even three days before the appointment of Gerhard, they had specifically prayed for Bishop Ludwig Schwarz.

The opposition to Wagner showed, "that in the Diocese of Linz in the last three or four decades an un-Catholic attitude has lodged." As the specific fundamentals of Catholicism, Bauer cited the love of the Eucharist, the love of Mary and the love for the Pope. Lastly, he could not make out the "deaneries who went mad," refusing to recognise Fr Wagner as a bishop and spoke of a "hardening against the Pope."

Wagner would have remained if Bishop Ludwig had not let him fall. "But the bishop became fearful." And Bauer continued: "When Bishop Ludwig at his consecration on September 18, 2005 in Linz Cathedral announced in his homily that he would be united to the Holy Father in all humility, reverence and obedience, I thought: If you would only stay the course! ... It seems that it is hard to do that. "

Traditionalists should avoid Bishop Williamson like the plague

from Holy Smoke

Bishop Williamson returns home


Catholic bishop who denied Holocaust back in Britain after being ordered out of Argentina - Los Angeles Times

The company the Bishop keeps

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pope will not undo the Council

D: „Papst will Konzil nicht rückgängig machen“

The highest placed Benedictine monk, Abbot Primate Notker Wolf opposes the fear that Pope Benedict XVI wants to erode the Second Vatican Council. In the final analysis, Joseph Ratzinger was a key adviser in those days, writes Wolf on Tuesday in an article for the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". The purpose of the Pope is much more to present this Council not as a break with the history of the tradition of the Faith. He wanted to integrate the Council more closely in that tradition. Further, Wolf reminded that the withdrawal of the excommunication of the Lefebvre-bishops still meant no full unity of the Church of Rome with these bishops and their faithful. "That is still a long way off," said Wolf.

The Stern, Unbending Face of Liberalism

no, not Fr Finigan reading The Tablet- most shocking photo from this link.

Sign the petition in support of Fr Finigan.

And talking about tolerance, Cathcon will tolerate anyone linking to this blog, especially

Pictures of Bishop Williamson at airport

Holocaust-Leugner Williamson: Die Abreise eines Wütenden - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama

New books due from Bishop Willliamson

Dinoscopus: Reviews of Volumes 1 and 2, news on Volumes 3 and 4

Bishop Williamson in baseball cap and dark sunglasses

Holocaust-denying bishop leaving Argentina

Wearing dark sunglasses, a baseball cap and an overcoat, Williamson was seen by a Reuters reporter in Argentina's main international airport as he entered the boarding area. He did not respond to questions.

People accompanying Williamson had been seen at the British Airways ticket counter earlier. On Sunday, priest Miguel Faure of the same religious order told Reuters he believed Williamson would travel to England.

Christian Bouchacourt, the head of the Latin American chapter of the Catholic Society Saint Pius X, confirmed Williamson was leaving Argentina but declined to specify his destination, saying "we want a little tranquillity."

Bishop Williamson on the way to London

Obispo que negó el Holocausto toma vuelo hacia Londres | Sociedad| El

Bishop Williamson just left Buenos Aires airport

Blows exchanged between a journalist and an escort!

More soon.

Father Wagner- a prophett with honour in his own parish

Wagner soll Ehrenbürger von Windischgarsten werden- as he becomes an Honorary Citizen of Windischgarsten.

But without the far greater honour of Bishop- for the time being.

Cardinal Meisner- False and also hurtful


Carnival in Duesseldorf. The Rhine flowed into the Tiber at Vatican II and now the crisis must be solved in Germany. The Tiber must flow into the Rhine.

More on the Cardinal's comments soon.

Pope cautions against destructive polemics in the Church

Following weeks of controversy involving two of his decisions, Pope Benedict XVI has twice cautioned against destructive polemics inside the church.

The pope, speaking in German at his noon blessing Feb. 22, asked for prayers to St. Peter so that "disturbances and storms do not shake the church" and that Catholics remain united in faith and love.

Two days earlier, addressing students at Rome's diocesan seminary, the pope recalled St. Paul's admonition to Galatian Christians not to "go on biting and devouring one another" but instead to be guided by the Spirit.

"St. Paul refers here to the polemics that emerge where faith degenerates into intellectualism and humility is replaced by the arrogance of being better than the other," the pope said.

"We see clearly that today, too, there are similar situations where, instead of joining in communion with Christ, in the body of Christ which is the church, each one wants to be superior to the other and with intellectual arrogance maintains that he is better," he said.

"And in this way arise polemics that are destructive, and there arises a caricature of the church, which should have a single soul and a single heart," he said.

Bishop Williamson now quit Argentina

Holocaust-Leugner: Pius-Bruder Williamson aus Argentinien ausgereist

SSPX spokesman will not say where he is now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnival Priest

video of a priest no longer aware of the dignity of his orders

Pope and Bishop Williamson mocked by German Carnival


Evangelischer Pressedienst (epd) -

The Carnival procession which takes place on the Monday before Ash Wednesday in Düsseldorf has made the dispute about the Pope and the holocaust denier Williamson into a theme.

Pope Benedict XVI is drawn through the city as the figure on the carnival lindworm from Düsseldorf. On one of the political carriages, the Head of the Catholic Church shakes the hand of the Holocaust denier Williamson who instead of episcopal robes is shown as an appearance of the devil. On one of the large sides of Williamson prominently displayed in large letters, "Anti-Semitism" and on the other "Society of St Pius X".


Argentina's President makes Bishop Williamson a top issue


Argentiniens Präsidentin macht Williamson zur Chefsache - Nachrichten -

The Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been personally involved in the case of Holocaust denier and traditionalist, Bishop Richard Williamson. The news agency "Valores religiosos" reported on Sunday (local time), Kirchner had two weeks ago asked for accurate details from the Minister for Religious Affairs, Guillermo Oliveri. After that, an official of the Ministry sent the report directly to the President. Williamson was on Thursday for violating visa requirements expelled from the country. A ministry spokesman also stated Williamson's statements denied "an historical truth" and therefore offended "deeply the Jewish community and entire humanity." The denial of the Holocaust in Argentina has not yet been criminalized. A Parliamentary bill doing so is expected to be scheduled for this Wednesday. The leadership of the traditionalist SSPX announced at the weekend, that they will ask Williamson to comply with the requirement to leave Argentina within ten days. Representatives of the Catholic Church in Argentina are in agreement with the expulsion decision

The Pope and the Russian Patriarch- barriers remain to meeting

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The obstacles to a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI. and the new Moscow Patriarch Cyril I have not yet been eliminated. The Russian Orthodox Bishop in Vienna, Hilarion (Alfejew) emphasized this in a TV interview. Bishop Hilarion said: "The possibility of a meeting between Pope and Patriarch was also never excluded by Aleksij II . But there are still obstacles, especially given the cases of proselytism (i.e. the poaching of believers)." In this context, the Russian Orthodox bishop in Vienna cited the establishment of Greek-Catholic parishes in all parts of Ukraine. First, the need for a common position on the question of proselytism should be developed, only then could the encounter between Pope and Patriarch take place. Patriarch Cyril I wanted such a meeting as soon as possible, but he was also convinced that this is "not necessarily going to bebefore TV cameras ". It was not about a date, but the objectives of a meeting between Pope and Patriarch, said the Vienna Russian Orthodox bishop. If the meeting was well prepared, it could actually bring about a "breakthrough" in bilateral relations between the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church.
The Oxford educated, Bishop Hilarion is also the Russian Orthodox representative to the EU.

Church closure carnage in Cleveland

Plans for church closings by Diocese opens up emotions among Catholics

Cleveland Bishop Lennon talks about church closings

Argentinian Church welcomes Bishop's expulsion

- “La expulsión de Williamson nos sacó un peso de encima”

The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires synthesised the views of the Church in Argentina. The priest Guillermo Marcó said that the Lefevre bishop had come to Argentina without anyone inviting him.

The expulsion of a British bishop Richard Williamson, who denied the existence of the Jewish Holocaust "lifted a weight " from the Catholic Church in Argentina.

In this way, the priest Guillermo Marco described the reaction within the church to the decision of the national government. Marco responsible for the Archdiocesan Pastoral Universitaria de Buenos Aires, said:

"The opinion of the Church is not just one opinion of a priest or a bishop but is expressed through her documents." With these words Williamson broke from Catholicism when he said that no Jew died in the gas chambers of Nazi concentration camps.

The priest said: "The expulsion of Williamson brings us a problem of excess." He also recalled that the Lefevre bishop "came to Argentina without anyone asking him."

The English prelate served at the seminary in the town of La Reja.

"In the ecclesiastical world one cannot be unaware of what it means to give a statement to the media and I do not know if he thought when he making these statements, but, of course, reveal his thinking. It's like saying that San Martín did not cross the Andes; to discuss this is absolutely ridiculous, " he said.

Carnival time in the Church


Scenes from the Netherlands, where the power and prestige of the clergy long ago drained away to the laity after Vatican II. Carnival will cease today- the usurpation of clerical office and power by lay movements will take years to disappear.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nuns degraded by German carnival

Reactions – kreuzmeldungen

A carnival wagon in Mainz wanted on the the day before Shrove Tuesday to show a nun in a nude scanner. Sister Ancilla Maria Ruf from the religious congregations department of the Diocese of Mainz protested. The presentation was "disrespectful and charector damaging." Sisters would be obscenely degraded. The competent Carnival Association announced, allegedly after the event. The naked nun – whose photo will now be disseminated on the Internet – will be covered over at the Carnival with the words "interference to vision".
Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz is an enthusiastic supporter of the Carnival, not least but not only, because they gave him a large cheque for the restoration of the Cathedral.  He dropped the cheque by accident live on television. 
A few years ago he appeared with the devil and dancing girls on stage during Carnival.  So no wonder he cannot defend the religious of his diocese.

Father Wagner signs official request to withdraw from nomination as Auxiliary Bishop in Linz

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

On Friday afternoon, Gerhard Maria Wagner signed a document in which he asks the Pope, to withdraw from his appointment as Auxiliary Bishop

This is made "not entirely voluntarily"

On Friday afternoon, the Windischgarsten parish priest, Gerhard Maria Wagner made his application for withdrawal from his nomination as Bishop of Linz in writing. That was confirmed on Sunday in a telephone conversation with

Wagner said that this step was made "not entirely voluntarily". Not only the media had put him under massive pressure, but also church circles. The views of the deaneries had apparently put Bishop Schwarz under great pressure, as well as the reports of increased numbers of people leaving the church, regretted Wagner.

How matters proceed is now open. According to the information available to, it is not even clear in the Vatican how to proceed with the request for withdrawal of nomination. From well-informed church circles, it is to found that there are still several options, including an episcopal consecration of Gerhard Maria Wagner.

Orthodox rejoice at lifting of excommunications

condemn Catholic liberals

Who would have believed it! Those who really believe in ecumenism must drop their opposition to lifting the SSPX excommunications forthwith!

Father Wagner- a ringleader of his enemies speaks

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

A Dialogue for Upper Austria on the model of the Church “Dialogue for Austria" was suggested by the Chairman of Catholic Action of the Diocese of Linz, Margit Hauft, on Saturday in ORF’s Lunchtime Journal. Linz is "a very vibrant diocese - there are all the main currents since," said Hauft. It was now necessary to bring “together again” the representatives of the different currents. She herself had a very positive experience of "Dialogue for Austria” with the Salzburg Delegate Assembly of 1998, said Hauft.

The Catholic Action chairman called the crisis management by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn after the appointment of parish priest, Gerhard Wagner pastors to Bishop as "the beginning of a path in a direction which it should follow." Impressive was for her was that the Chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference has “specifically referred to earlier errors. " which he said should not be allowed to run on as they had in previous crises in the Catholic Church in Austria.

That Gerhard Wagner had finally taken the decision to withdraw was "certainly not easy for him" said Hauft. There had been rumour after a consultation with the bishops, "but ultimately it was his decision." "I guess Wagner recognized, as it would not work," said the Catholic Action-chairman of the Diocese of Linz.

Hauft spoke out on the ORF Midday Journal also recently for a continuation of the discussion about changing the admission criteria for ecclesiastical office. An opening up of the Church's offices was necessary. The admission of women to the ordained diaconate and "tested married men" (viri probati) for the priesthood would both be important.

Is she and her band of bullies, who have defied the Vatican, running the Diocese or is the Bishop?
She has a throne already, erected one day in one of the public squares of Linz.
When the Pope asked for something, the questions should not be whether but how soon.

Post-Christian Austria

Das postchristliche Österreich «

Written by one of the gravediggers of Catholic Austria for one of the two main newspapers.

The courageous (!) and purposeful action of the Bishops' Conference has nipped in the bud a new and long dispute within and around the Catholic Church. The enigmatic procedure around the appointment of a bishop have caused a stir which came simultaneously with the incomprehensible decision on the four bishops belonging to a sect (Cathcon- !!!!- call the SSPX many things but they are not Moonies or Mormons!).

In both cases, the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Rome has been at the centre of the whirlwind. The reputation of the papal form of government is increasingly in doubt. Keywords for similar "cases"? Good Friday Prayers, Mohammed quote, Protestants are not in any sense a church, blessing for missionary activities, etc. No month without misunderstandings, excitement, corrections, interpretative declarations. In all cases, it is about the means chosen to make a statement, that is communication. One can only underline what is now explained by the Austrian bishops in their pastoral letter: "We hope that inadequate communication processes in the Vatican can successfully improved."

In Austria, all these incidents have caused a big wave. The whole public arena has been occupied with these matters now for months. Michael Prüller already described, in a "Die Presse" editorial, Austria as a post-Christian society. If he meant a post-church society which fully guarantees religion, faith and freedom of conscience, he is right. If he thinks it is one in which religions, especially Christianity, do not play a more influential role, I must oppose him. All three Abrahamic religions of revelation (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) still shape with their fundamental values, to our common well-being, our country and large parts of Europe.

Since Christianity became the state religion in the Roman Empire, it has made vital contributions to the design of the company delivered - I just mention the commandment of love (solidarity), the abolition of slavery, the foundation of society on the basis of marriage and family, educational activities of the monasteries covering the whole of Europe, the protection of life.

If some say that there are absolutely no fundamental values without God, they go too far. Of course, you can also derive universally valid values from reason. Reason and faith are equal side by side (Cathcon- two wings of a bird, as Pope John Paul II said in an encyclical. In the thought of St Thomas, reason is necessary for Faith, but Faith excels reason by far in excellence) But today the proportion of people is growing again incomparably higher, who obtain their values from religion and thereby believe and do not create them for themselves using reason. This makes religion so important for a caring society.

So nobody should want healthy churches to shrink, leaving just a few, but absolutely and blindly obeying it may be. The pastoral letter and understanding in Rome give us the right to hope for nothing more.

Andreas Khol, who was President of the Austrian Parliament but now has formed a lay initiative. He was one of the leaders of the gang that forced Father Wagner to withdraw his resignation. He should stick to politics- can’t his Christian Democrat party give him back his day job?

Liberal Catholics are dangerous

Bomb threat made against St Mary's Catholic Church priest Father Ken Howell

Humbly prostrate at your feet

Feast of the Chair of St Peter in Antioch

Pope quotes Lumen Gentium at Angelus today

Moreover, within the Church particular Churches hold a rightful place; these Churches retain their own traditions, without in any way opposing the primacy of the Chair of Peter, which presides over the whole assembly of charity and protects legitimate differences, while at the same time assuring that such differences do not hinder unity but rather contribute toward it.

Contrast the Church in Austria which has done everything to oppose the will of the Pope and to destroy unity this past week.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Father Wagner explodes ecclesiastical bomb

Wagner-Rücktritt "nicht ganz freiwillig" -

Wagner's resignation "is not totally voluntary"
His resignation was not totally voluntary, said the Bishop-designate of Linz Maria Gerhard Wagner in an interview with the German newspaper "Tagespost". He had feared to lose the support of Bishop Ludwig Schwarz.

"No longer a further basis"
The interview with the Tagespost was already undertaken on Tuesday evening. Ultimately he could – according to Wagner - "envisage no basis for a fruitful work as a bishop." "The deaneries perhaps I could convince, but what happens when the bishop gets scared?" said the Linz Bishop-designate. The ideas that he would be disinvited from confirmations and turned away from visitations of the parishes, along with "the anxiety and distress" of the diocesan bishop led to the resignation of Wagner are reported by the "Tagespost". Resignation on Sunday The designated Linz Maria Bishop Gerhard Wagner on Sunday asked on Sunday for his nomination to be withdrawn. "Given the fierce criticism, I am in prayer, and after consultation with the diocesan bishop came to the conclusion to ask the Holy Father in Rome to withdraw my nomination as Bishop of Linz, he said on Sunday in a statement published by the Diocese of Linz.

Cathcon comments

1983 Code of Canon Law
Can. 188 A resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.

Father Wagner has hung the Bishop of Linz out to dry with the comment highlighted above.
No wonder there has been a deathly silence from the Vatican.

There are now four options for the Vatican

Resignation of Bishop Schwarz, who to obtain his job in the first place gave assurances to the Vatican that he would sort the Diocese out, after the chaos which had ensued from the ueberliberal Schwarz.

Coadjutor for Bishop Schwarz to give him time to redeem himself.

Apostolic Visitation.

Refusal to accept the resignation of Father Wagner from episcopal dignity.

In any of these cases, the liberals of the Diocese of Linz have just run out of road. They will go down shouting and complaining.
It was not pleasing to God to save his people in disputation.
Non in dialectica complacuit Deo salvum facere populum suum.
St Ambrose

Ecclesiastical bomb explodes in Linz

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International arrest warrant for Bishop Williamson possible

Frankreich: Menschenrechtler verklagen Holocaustleugner News Nachrichten auf ZEIT ONLINE

This follows a case to be brought in the next few days in the French courts by the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra)

This falls under the jurisdiction of the French authorities , said Licra lawyer Alain Jakubowicz to the daily newspaper "Le Figaro". The testimony of Williamson was available throughout the country. In France, the denial of crimes against humanity since 1990 is punishable as a specific offense. Judges may put Holocaust deniers for up to one year in prison, or they can pay high fines.

O taste and see that the Lord is good!


Dedicated to the cultured despisers of the Latin Mass.

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WYD makes friends with Mammon

Advertising for the People's Bank (Reiffaisen) on a People's Altar in Mainz prior to WYD in Cologne.

Dissident theologians defeat Bishop of Regensburg

Theologians do not need to take an oath

In the conflict with three Catholic theology professors who signed a declaration critical of the Pope, the Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller has relented: Professors Sabine Demel, Burkhard Porzelt and Heinz-Günter Schöttler no longer need to appear before the bishop to make a profession of Faith and take an oath of loyalty. They do not need to dissociate themselves from the statement madeprotesting against the lifting of the excommunication of the four bishops of the traditionalist SSPX Brotherhood protests and expressed concern that Pope Benedict XVI was giving groups a place in the church who reject the Second Vatican Council. From the perspective of the professors had Müllers the Pope assumed that he wanted to harm the church. On Friday, Bishop Mueller and the leadership of the Catholic theological faculty had crisis talks. In a joint statement as now stated, the professors rejected "an interpretation of the petition, which would imply that the Pope lacked personal and Magisterial integrity "- and in addition, they stressed "their obvious loyalty to the Church's Magisterium". The three professors said that they had stated to Bishop Mueller in a letter that t they "from our theological conviction as well as our loyalty to the Church's Magisterium " remains "fully committed to the contents of this petition". They were "ready to clarify in dialogue with the Bishop of Regensburg our concern for the Church “

"I feel closer to each and every Lutheran than the SSPX priests"- Catholic bishop

Reactions – Die Diözesanbischöfe sind die Schismatiker

A bishop openly admits that he is closer to the Protestants than the church. The withdrawal of the Lefebvre excommunication -leads him to a dialogue - with the Jews.

"I see no possibility of a rapprochement, because they do not want one."

Norbert Trelle, the Bishop of Hildesheim told the regional newspaper "Braunschweiger Zeitung '.

The church is closer, according to the bishop, to the Society of St. Pius X than the Protestants - but: "I feel closer to each and every Lutheran than the SSPX priests."

The bishop is sad that a "such dispute" – as he describes the media pogrom against SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson - could be triggered:

"I can have no understanding for it - and I'm angry as other bishops are."

Then Msgr. Trelle accused the Pope and the Vatican and finds there "embarrassment":

"How can it be that when there are vacancies in Germany everything is checked for a year - and then there's four bishops, whose background you do not want to know about?" – he underlined.

The Pope, the bishop then protected – for form’s sake - from his critics: "I cannot imagine that he knew and let it go through."

The attitude of the Pope to Judaism was clearly is one of respect and recognition.

The repeal of an excommunication has nothing to do with this issue, underlined Mons. Trelle.

If the current "totally unpleasant story" had a positive aspect, then this is a new conversation with interested people about Judaism:

"What is our relationship to this ancient Judaism, which we really have to maintain?" – says the bishop falling to his knees.

Furthermore, he asserts that the Church is not changing course and won’t return to the time before the Second Vatican Council.

It is for the bishop "completely incomprehensible" that this could be questioned.

Mons. Trelle left unanswered the question as to whether he himself is ready to accept the texts of Vatican II and Catholic tradition.

Cathcon- perhaps the Bishop might care to explain to his Lutheran friends that their ecclesiastical organisation was founded by one of the greatest anti-semites in German history.

Bishop Williamson case leads to change in law in Argentina

Reactions / Genugtuung über Ausweisung von Williamson

Law should be amended
So far, the denial of the Holocaust in Argentina has not been a crime. But that should change now. Whoeever in future denies the Holocaust, the genocide of the Amenians or the existance of state terrorism during Argentina's military dictatorship will face prosecution.

Diocese of Albany marks beginning of Lent with church closures

On eve of Lent, some final Masses -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Nothing is scheduled but the 162-year-old church's final Mass, and no one here needs a reminder.

As Christians around the globe prepare for Lent — a solemn 40-day period of repentance leading up to Easter when, Scripture says, Jesus rose from the dead — scores of the faithful across the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese are preparing to celebrate one of their most holy days in a church other than their own.

"You see Resurrection at the end of Lent, and I think the problem here is that we don't see resurrection at the end of this," said Michael Schweigert, 60, of Guilderland. His suburban church isn't closing, but he spent the morning photographing St. Bernard's soaring stained glass windows and stations of the cross imported from Europe in the 19th century.

St. Bernard's is one of seven parishes, three in Cohoes alone, slated to officially close Wednesday as part of the 14-county diocese's consolidation plan in response to a shortage of priests and declining church membership in cities.

Wednesday also marks Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

The timing, according to diocesan spokesman Kenneth Goldfarb, is purely coincidental. All seven churches will hold their final services this weekend and remain open until Wednesday only for administrative functions, if at all, Goldfarb said.

Vatican response to Bishop Williamson expulsion

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich:

"The Church has nothing to do with this matter (!). The Argentine government has applied its laws," said the secretary of the Apostolic Signatura, Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, in conversation with the "Repubblica". Earlier, the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi SJ declined to give an official opinion.

Viva il Papa!

from Rorate Caeli

Friday, February 20, 2009

Conflict with dissident theologians escalates in Regensburg

Theologians in spite of their bishop.

Munich - In the Diocese of Regensburg, the conflict with the three theology professors who signed a statement critical of the Pope is likely to escalate. The canon lawyer, Sabine Demel, pastoral theologian, Heinz-Günther Schöttler and religious studies lecturer, Burkard Porzelt according to information given to the Süddeutsche Zeitung until early next week to withdraw their signature, and deliver a written apology to Pope Benedict XVI and appear before Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, to make a profession of Faith and an oath of loyalty. The Regensburg bishop had requested this and threatens appropriate "further steps". These could extend to the withdrawal of the permission to teach.

Before anything Mueller takes exception to the fact that the petition is supported by the lay movement “We Are Church ". The text criticized the lifting of the excommunication of the traditionalist bishop and Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson and expresses the fear that the Pope could allow parts of the church to reject documents of the Second Vatican Council. As a result, the signatories state the Pope had "acted to the detriment of the church," writes the theologian Müller.

According to SZ-information they are not the only ones who have to justify itself: Apparently, the lists after signatories from Regensburg be trimmed, pastors and church employees in the ordinary einbestellt. The canon lawyer Demel called Mueller’s letter "very strange and incomprehensible". She wanted now to discuss with colleagues from the Catholic faculty how to respond to it was. In ecclesiastical circles, it is known that their Department is supporting the three professors .

If the conflict is exacerbated, it is likely to have nationwide, even worldwide religious dimensions. Skilfully, Mueller has also sent his letter to the leaders of the Vatican Congregations for Education and the Doctrine of the Faith and so set myself the spot. The attempts of the Vatican to smooth the waves of excitement around the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson do not make progress. Also, the German bishops at their meeting on 2nd March in Hamburg have to clarify what they think about the tens of thousands of signatories to the petition that protests against the mildness of the Pope towards the anti-Semitic SSPX - just as Christians and Jews were celebrating the "Week of Brotherhood" together.

Cathcon- there has been a meeting between the Bishop and the Faculty today- more soon.

Vatican-Argentinian relations unaffected by Bishop Williamson expulsion

according to the Argentinian Ambassador to the Holy See.

No surprise there!

Liberal Catholics having nightmares in Austria

Rücktritt von Wagner noch nicht fix - the main Austrian TV station.

Resignation of Wagner is not yet fixed
Gerhard Maria Wagner has only expressed verbally, but not yet in writing the intention that he should withdraw from his appointment as Bishop. However, in order to become effective, the application should also be personally signed.

Much material for speculation
The fact that the parish priest of Windischgarsten takes so long to resign his bishop's appointment offers quite enough material for speculation.

Bishops in Rome
They are saying in ecclesiastical circles that he could, in the foreseeable future, very likely become a bishop, but not in Linz, but in a Vatican office in Rome, where he originally studied theology.

Negative for Career
A written withdrawal would possibly obstruct his career in the long term, which is why he prefers to give his resignation merely verbally.

Church insiders give little credit to this theory. A letter to the Vatican must officially be sent to Rome and that has to occur via the Nunciature in Vienna.

Important messages within the church are not sent by fax or even by e-mail. Before the document lands in the correct office, it could take a long time.

Gerhard Wagner Maria is currently not reachable, he has removed himself for a couple of days following the turmoil of the past few weeks.