Wednesday, January 28, 2009

French intellectuals launch petition against Bishop Williamson

Pas de négationnistes dans l'Eglise- No Holocaust deniers in the Church

The appeal of Catholic intellectuals

"I believe that the gas chambers did not exist." This infamous credo that has nothing do with Christianity, we heard Thursday 22 January from the mouth of Bishop Richard Williamson, one of four fundamentalist bishops ordained in 1988 by Archbishop Lefebvre. This is not a surprise: for years, the prelate multiplied his provocative statements.

However, the lifting of the excommunications burdening the Lefebrvists two days after created a tragic ambiguity, suggesting that Rome was restoring negationism or at least considered it a licit opinion to be seen as innocent.

This ambiguity is simply unbearable.

Unbearable, because behind the mask of denial, we find the most hideous face of anti-Semitism.

Unbearable, because the last half-century of (Cathcon Pope) John XXIII to (Cathcon Pope) Benedict XVI, the Church has undertaken a long process of repentance in connection with anti-semitism. It has continued to meet and seek reconciliation with those that John Paul II called "our elder brothers." In doing so, she found her roots: Jesus, Mary, the disciples were Jews.

We, the signatories to this appeal, see therefore the words of Bishop Williamson as an infringement of our personal Christian faith.

We believe that the bishop cannot find his place in the church, without explicit and sincere repentance on his part.

We ask the Pope to condemn the remarks of Bishop Williamson. In our eyes, now, the only way to repair the damage that this situation has made known to the Church herself.

Jacques Delors, formerly the Head of the EU Commission in Brussels is among the signatories. A socialist who I believe attends Mass every day.
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