Thursday, November 27, 2008

How Bishop Schneider Came To Visit Children Of Mary

From the Children of Mary web page. (What a superb Salve Regina!)

How Bishop Schneider Came To Visit Children Of Mary: We saw a video clip of him (on Cathcon!) being interviewed about his book, Dominus Est, about reverence towards Our Eucharistic Lord. We were very impressed with his love for Our Lord and the humble manner in which he presented his ideas on how we can restore reverence to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. After seeing the video, we sent him our CD and prayer cards and told him that if he were ever in the United States, we would love to have him visit us. A few weeks later he wrote and said he was coming!

We feel greatly blessed that this holy man came to visit us.

Note: Bishop Schneider's book, Dominus Est is now being translated into English and should be available by the end of this year. The book includes interesting stories about some of the bishop's experiences growing up in a soviet occupied country. For example, how he made his First Holy Communion in secret, stealing away at night, traveling by train to the church and returning to his home after dark the next night. We ask Our Heavenly Father to let this book spread throughout the Church and help restore love and reverence to Our Eucharistic Lord.

To see the video clip mentioned above, click HERE, or on "video clip" above.

What a great story for Thursday- the day on which the Eucharist was instituted.

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The Saints on Purgatory

from The Seven Dolors of Mary - The Holy Souls in Purgatory

St. Jean Vianney, The Cure' of Ars (1786-1859)
"We must say many prayers for the souls of the Faithful Departed, for one must be so pure to enter Heaven!"

Our Lord to Sr. Mary Martha Chambon:
"When you offer My Holy Wounds for sinners, you must not forget to do so for the souls in Purgatory, as there are but few who think of their relief...."

Our Lord to Sr. Mary Martha Chambon:
"The Holy Wounds are the treasure of treasures for the souls in Purgatory"

St. John Chrysostom referring to Jesus present in the Holy Eucharist:
"Not in vain do we at the holy mysteries make mention of the departed, and draw near on their behalf, beseeching the Lamb who is lying on the altar, who took away the sin of the world."

St. Augustine of Hippo:
"Though this fire is destined to cleanse and purify the soul, still it is more acute than anything we could possibly endure on Earth."

St. Cyril of Alexandria:
"It would be preferable to suffer all the possible torments of Earth until the Judgment Day than to pass one day in Purgatory."

Pope Benedict XV:
"The Holy Mass would be of greater profit if people had it offered in their lifetimes, rather than having it celebrated for the relief of their souls after death."

St. Catherine of Genoa wrote:
"God inspires the soul in Purgatory with so ardent a movement of devoted love that it would be sufficient to annihilate her were she not immortal. Illumined and inflamed by this pure charity, the more she loves God, the more she detests the least stain that displeases him, the least hindrance that prevents her union with him."

Our Lord to St. Gertrude the Great:
"My love urges Me to release the poor souls. If a beneficent king leaves his guilty friend in prison for justice's sake, he awaits with longing for one of his nobles to plead for the prisoner and to offer something for his release. Then the king joyfully, sets him free. Similarly, I accept with highest pleasure what is offered to Me for the poor souls, for I long inexpressibly to have near Me those for whom I paid so great a price.

By the prayers of thy loving soul, I am induced to free a prisoner from purgatory as often as thou dost move thy tongue to utter a word of prayer!"

Thursdays- devoted to the honour of the Blessed Sacrament


Feast of St James the Persian


celebrated in both East and West.

In Persia, St. James, a famous martyr surnamed "Dismembered." In the days of Theodosius the Younger, he denied Christ to secure the favor of King Isdegerd; whereupon, his mother and wife avoided his company. Repenting of his deed, James approached King Vararanes, the son and successor of Isdegerd, and confessed that he was a Christian. Hence, the angry monarch sentenced him to this death: his limbs were to be cut off one by one and finally he was to be beheaded. At that time and in the same place, innumerable other martyrs were slain.

Planned Parenthood Issues Christmas Gift Certificates

Give the "Gift" of Abortion:

In what could easily become the most offensive Christmas offer ever a Planned Parenthood affiliate is offering Christmas gift certificates. Purchasers can use them to give the gift of abortion even though the group claims that's not its purpose or intent.

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.

Shocking lack of priests in German Church

Cathcon translation of Alarmierender Priestermangel in der katholischen Kirche

The number of ordinations of priests in Germany in 2008 has fallen below 100. The Conference of German Seminary Rectors gathered together on Tuesday in Munich announced that this year only 95 priests were ordained for the 27 dioceses. This is "alarming," said Munich's Seminary Rector, Franz Joseph Baur. Since the beginning of statistics in 1972, there have never been fewer priests ordained. The number of new entries into the seminaries is decreasing, which in 2008 stood at 176. 20 years ago, there were twice as many ordinations and entries. Baur spoke for maintenance of the strict admission practice, so that no candidate can be recommended for ordination who , "might not cope later with the requirements of the post."

In the German seminaries currently 871 men are on the way to ordination. 15 years ago, there were still 1817.

Declaration of Scranton

casts shadow over dialogue with Polish National Catholics. The PNCC friends with noone!