Friday, November 21, 2008

Pope begins reform of the reform

as he ponders change to Mass liturgy:

A high-ranking Vatican official says Pope Benedict XVI is considering introducing a change to the Mass liturgy.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, who heads the Vatican office for sacraments, says the pope may move the placement of the sign of peace, where congregation members shake hands or hug.

Arinze told the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano in an interview published Friday that the pope has asked bishops to express their opinions and will then decide.

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Indian arrests

Cafeteria Catholicism

Stained glass

Observatore Romano

European Culture dies

Europeana - (Dis!) Connecting Cultural Heritage

"We launched the site on 20 November and huge use - 10 million hits an hour - meant it crashed. We are doing our best to reopen in a more robust version.
Meanwhile, the site you're in now is the project development site, with a video to give you a taste of what's on the real Europeana site.

Unfortunately this project site is only in English: the real Europeana is in all EU languages."

"I think I’m probably a ‘Cafeteria Catholic.’”

admits Mrs Schwarzenegger.

Habemus Papam!

As can be heard above all the noise- someone cries out "incredible"

Jewish community still angry about Good Friday prayers


Joint Jewish-Catholic prayers will not take in January.

Italy's Jewish leaders have said they will refuse take part in traditional joint Jewish-Catholic prayers in January because of the re-introduction last Easter by Pope Benedict XVI of a "prayer for the conversion of the Jews" as part of the revived Tridentine mass.

Rabbi Giuseppe Laras (on the right below), head of the Italian Rabbinical Assembly, made the announcement at a conference on inter-religious dialogue held at the Italian Parliament. He said although the Vatican had explained that the Good Friday prayer was not intended to offend Jewish sensitivities, Italian Jews remained "dissatisfied".

Rabbi Laras, former chief rabbi in Milan, Ancona and Livorno, said the decision not to take part in the common day of prayer on 17 January was not linked to controversy over plans for the beatification of Pius XII, the wartime pontiff accused by critics of having failed to speak out in defence of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust. He said Jews had a right to criticise Pius XII, but beatification and canonisation was "a matter for the Church"

St. Pius X Church to close

The closing of St. Pius X in Van Etten on Jan. 11 will reduce the combined Catholic parish from six to five worship sites.

'We will still use the building for weddings and funerals, but no Masses will be scheduled,' said the Rev. William Moorby, pastor. 'We'll eventually try to sell the building.'

Earlier this year, church leaders targeted St. Pius and St. Francis of Assisi in Catatonk for closing in a continual downsizing of the Rochester diocese, which includes Tioga and Chemung counties, due to a dwindling availability of priests.

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Fridays- dedicated to the Passion of Christ


The Seven Prayers of Pope St Gregory the Great

O DOMINE IESU, adoro te in Cruce pendentem, coronam spineam in capite portantem. Deprecor te, ut tua Crux liberet me ab Angelo percutiente. Amen.
O LORD JESUS, I adore Thee hanging on the Cross, wearing a crown of thorns upon Thy head. I beg Thee that Thy Cross may free me from the deceiving Angel. Amen.

Pater. Ave. Our Father. Hail Mary.

O DOMINE IESU, adoro te in Cruce vulneratum, felle et aceto potatum. Deprecor te, ut vulnera tua sint remedium animae meae. Amen.
O LORD JESUS, I adore Thee hanging wounded on the Cross, given vinegar and gall to drink. I beg Thee that Thy wounds may be the remedy of my soul. Amen.

Pater. Ave. Our Father. Hail Mary.

O DOMINE IESU, rogo per illam amaritudinem Passionis tuae, quam in hora mortis sustinuisti, maxime tunc, quando anima sanctissima de benedicto corpore est egressa. Miserere animae meae in egressu suo de corpore meo, et perduc eam in vitam aeternam. Amen.
O LORD JESUS, I ask by the bitterness of Thy Passion, which Thou didst undergo in the hour of Thy death, so much so when Thy most holy soul left Thy blessed body. Have mercy upon my soul when it leaves my body, and lead it to eternal life. Amen.

Pater. Ave. Our Father. Hail Mary.

O DOMINE IESU, adoro te in sepulcro positum, myrrha et aromatibus conditum. Deprecor te, ut tua mors sit vita mea. Amen. O LORD JESUS, I adore Thee placed in Thy tomb, anointed with myrrh and aromatic spices. I beg Thee that Thy death may be my life. Amen.

Pater. Ave. Our Father. Hail Mary.

O DOMINE IESU, adoro te descendentem ad inferos et tuos inde liberantem captivos. Deprecor te, ut illuc nunquam me patiaris introire. Amen.
O LORD JESUS, I adore Thee descending into hell and freeing the captives from there. I beg Thee, that Thou mayest never permit me to enter there. Amen.

Pater. Ave. Our Father. Hail Mary.

O DOMINE IESU, adoro te a morte resurgentem et in caelum ascendentem, sedentemque ad dexteram Patris. Deprecor te, ut illuc te sequi et tibi praesentari merear. Amen.
O LORD JESUS, I adore Thee rising from the dead, ascending into heaven, and sitting at the right hand of the Father. I beg Thee that I may be worthy to follow Thee and be with Thee. Amen.

Pater. Ave. Our Father. Hail Mary.


O DOMINE IESU, Pastor bone, iustos conserva, peccatores iustifica, omnibus fidelibus miserere, et propitius esto mihi misero et indigno peccatori. Amen.
O LORD JESUS, O good Shepherd, preserver of the just, justifier of sinners, have mercy upon all the faithful and be gracious to me, a wretched and unworthy sinner. Amen.

Pater. Ave. Our Father. Hail Mary.

Precatio Prayer
OBSECRO te Domine Iesu Christe, ut passio tua sit virtus mea, qua muniar, protegar, et defendar. Vulnera tua sint mihi cibus et potus, quibus pascar, inebrier atque delecter. Aspersio Sanguinis tui sit omnium peccatorum meorum ablutio. Mors tua sit mihi gloria sempiterna. In his sit mihi refectio, exsultatio, sanitas, studium, gaudium, desiderium corporis et animae, nunc et in perpetuum. Amen.
I BESEECH Thee, Lord Jesus Christ, that Thy Passion may be a strength to me by which I may be strengthened, protected and defended. May Thy wounds be to me food and drink by which I may be nourished, inebriated, and delighted. May the sprinkling of Thy Blood be to me an ablution for all my sins. May Thy death be eternal glory to me. In these may my refreshment, joy, health, zeal, delight, and desire of my body and soul, now and forever. Amen.

Alia Precatio Another Prayer
DOMINE Iesu Christe, Fili Dei vivi, pone Passionem, Crucem, et Mortem tuam inter iudicium tuum et animam meam, nunc et in hora mortis meae.
O LORD Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, place Thy Passion, Cross, and Death between Thy judgment and my soul, now and in the hour of my death.

Largire mihi digneris gratiam et misericordiam, vivis veniam, defunctis requiem, Ecclesiae tuae pacem, cunctisque peccatoribus vitam et gloriam sempiternam. Qui vivis et regnas in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Deign to grant me grace and mercy, pardon to the living, eternal rest to the dead, peace to Thy Church, and life and eternal glory to all sinners. Thou who livest and reignest forever and ever. Amen

Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady


Joachim took to wife that most eminent and praiseworthy woman, Anne. And even as the holy Hannah, being stricken with barrenness, by prayer and promise became the mother of Samuel, so likewise this holy Anne, through prayer and promise, received from God the Mother of God, that in fruitfulness she might not be behind any of the famous matrons. And thus Grace (for such is the signification of the name of Anne) is mother of the Lady (for such is the signification of the name of Mary). And indeed this child of grace became the Lady of every creature, since she hath been Mother of the Creator. She first saw the light in Joachim's house, hard by the Pool of Bethesda, at Jerusalem, and was carried to the temple. There planted in the Lord, the dew of his Spirit made her to flourish in the courts of her God, where she was like unto a green olive tree, so that all the doves of grace came and lodged in her branches. And there she in such wise raised her mind utterly above the pride of life, and the lust of flesh, that she kept her soul virgin in her virgin body, as became her that was to receive God into her womb. Book upon the Orthodox Faith by St. John of Damascus- First Lesson of the Second Nocturn in the Breviary.

A new world order of peace- Assisi lives.


Mark 13
7 And when you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, fear ye not. For such things must needs be, but the end is not yet.
8 For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and famines. These things are the beginning of sorrows.
9 But look to yourselves. For they shall deliver you up to councils, and in the synagogues you shall be beaten, and you shall stand before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony unto them.
10 And unto all nations the gospel must first be preached.