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Pakistan Christian Post

Ad limina visit

Abducted nuns- negotiations for release

New Catholic Church for Leipzig

Neue katholische Kirche für Leipzig

Will start with low liturgical standards to judge by the video.

Still the Cross stands

Ruined Church at Lucy-le-Bocage after fighting in World War I

Ruined Cathedral of Arras

Bishop speaks out on liturgical abuse


Pope Pius XII writes on the help he gave to Jews

and which was acknowledged at the time by many Jewish communities. Translation of an extract from a letter to Konrad Graf von Preysing, Bishop of Berlin, dated 30 April 1943. Taken from Volume 2 of the 12 volumes of Acts and Documents of the Holy See relating to the Second World War. Lettres of Pius XII to the German Bishops.

To the Catholic non-Aryans as well as to those of the Jewish faith, the Holy See has offered that charity, which is only within its powers, that are economic and moral. One must say it has required on the part of the executive management of our leading relief organisations, a maximum amount of patience and self-renunciation to meet the expectations and the requirements of those seeking help, as well as to cope with the emerging diplomatic difficulties. About the very large sums, we have provided in American currency for the sea voyages of emigrants, we do not want to talk; We have done this happily, because the people were in need; We have done this for the love of God and man and have done these good works, not wishing for earthly credit. After all, the Holy See has also received warmest appreciation for her rescue work from Jewish centres. (Note at bottom of page- namely, the communities of Bolivia, South Africa, Chile, the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of America and Canada, the Chief Rabbi of Zagreb among others)

We have spoken out in our Christmas message (See below) against the measures, which are being currently being taken within the area of German power against non-Aryan. It was short, but it was well understood. That the non-Aryan or half-Aryan Catholics, are children of the church as all others are, that they receive now with the collapse of their outward existence and in their psychological distress, the heightened concern of Our Fatherly love and care, we need not only to assert. Given the current state of things, we can unfortunately give no other effective assistance other than our prayer. But we are determined however, depending on what the circumstances demand or allow, to raise anew our voice for them.

From the persistent loyalty of German Catholics to their Faith and their Church, we have received in these days very full consolation.

The New York Times on the Christmas Message

The Christmas Message- 1942

The relevant passage- also the material on juridical order must have been considered provocative.

Should they not rather, over the ruins of a social order which has given such tragic proof of its ineptitude as a factor for the good of the people, gather together the hearts of all those who are magnanimous and upright, in the solemn vow not to rest until in all peoples and all nations of the earth a vast legion shall be formed of those handfuls of men who, bent on bringing back society to its center of gravity, which is the law of God, aspire to the service of the human person and of his common life ennobled in God.

Mankind owes that vow to the countless dead who lie buried on the field of battle: The sacrifice of their lives in the fulfillment of their duty is a holocaust offered for a new and better social order. Mankind owes that vow to the innumerable sorrowing host of mothers, widows and orphans who have seen the light, the solace and the support of their lives wrenched from them. Mankind owes that vow to those numberless exiles whom the hurricane of war has torn from their native land and scattered in the land of the stranger; who can make their own the lament of the Prophet: "Our inheritance is turned to aliens; our house to strangers." Mankind owes that vow to the hundreds of thousands of persons who, without any fault on their part, sometimes only because of their nationality or race, have been consigned to death or to a slow decline. Mankind owes that vow to the many thousands of non- combatants, women, children, sick and aged, from whom aerial war-fare -- whose horrors we have from the beginning frequently denounced -- has without discrimination or through inadequate precautions, taken life, goods, health, home, charitable refuge, or house of prayer. Mankind owes that vow to the flood of tears and bitterness, to the accumulation of sorrow and suffering, emanating from the murderous ruin of the dreadful conflict and crying to Heaven to send down the Holy Spirit to liberate the world from the inundation of violence and terror.

Study Finds Catholic Colleges Have Little Positive Impact on Faith, Values

from the Cardinal Newman Society

Nearly 1 in 5 knew another student who had or paid for an abortion.
46% of current and recent students—and 50% of females—said they engaged in sex outside of marriage.
84% said they had friends who engaged in premarital sex.
60% agreed strongly or somewhat that abortion should be legal.
60% agreed strongly or somewhat that premarital sex is not a sin.
78% disagreed strongly or somewhat that using a condom to prevent pregnancy was a serious sin.
57% agreed strongly or somewhat that same-sex “marriage” should be legal.
57% said the experience of attending a Catholic college or university had no effect on their participation in Mass and the sacrament of reconciliation.
54% of respondents said that their experience of attending a Catholic college or university had no effect on their support for the teachings of the Catholic Church.
56% said their experience had no effect on their respect for the Pope and bishops.

Of your charity, pray for the repose of the souls of

The nuns of La Sagesse who served in Gillibrand Hall from 1914 onwards.

Also of your charity, pray for the religious of the Gillibrand family, five Jesuits, three Augustinian nuns and one Dominican nun- those I know of by name among them Father William Gillibrand SJ.

Also of your charity, pray for the members of the Gillibrand family who fell in the World Wars.

Why the confusion over Catholic feast days really matters


Of altar girls and transfered Feast Days for the Latin Mass.

Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of

Simon Fraser, General Lord Lovat. (interviewed at 7mins 58 into the film) The same piper who accompanied him ashore on D-day, was the piper by his grave in 1995. The Germans did not shoot at the piper on D-day because they believed him to be a madman. Radio interview here

Tuesdays - dedicated to the honour of the Holy Apostles

Christ takes leave of the Apostles