Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Feast of All Holy Relics

and St Martin de Porres OP

Cathcon has no time for Guy Fawkes Night, especially when they burn the Pope in effigy in Lewes, England.

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Feast of St Charles

and whay might have been

Cardinal Manning held that the mission of the Oblates of St Charles was to revive the English secular clergy by taking part in its life and in its labours, and thus setting them an example. Their community life helps them to sanctify themselves by the practices of an approved rule; they devote themselves to ecclesiastical studies, but more especially to ascetical and mystical theology, which enables them to give pious souls an enlightened guidance; they undertake all the tasks entrusted to them by the archbishop, whose missionaries they are, and to whom they owe complete obedience.

Flower Pot Incense Burning


Don't take the money but run

Mass Protests in New Orleans:

It takes an iron will to spurn $300,000 pledged to preserve a church on the National Register of Historic Places, but Archbishop Alfred Hughes is firm in his plan to shrink the Archdiocese of New Orleans' footprint. Hughes' decision to turn back the money, along with minutes of closed meetings the archbishop held with local Catholic clergy, cast new light on last week's move by members of two shuttered parishes to occupy their churches in a 24/7 protest vigil.

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for them!

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