Friday, October 31, 2008

Vigil of All Saints


Priest shortage

prompts closings

"A Roman Catholic diocese outside Pittsburgh will close 14 of its 100 parishes, and 28 others will merge or share clergy in an effort to deal with a priest shortage.

Lawrence Brandt, bishop of the Greensburg diocese, announced the changes. The consolidation, which will take effect Oct. 30, grew out of a three-year study in the diocese, which has about 180,000 parishioners in four counties east of Pittsburgh.

"I know that people are mentally and emotionally attached to their parishes and churches in a way they identify with no other building or entity," Brandt said in a statement. "It is understandable that they feel a part of themselves has been lost forever.""

Sit-in hoping to stop

Archdiocese church closures in New Orleans. Video report also.

'Churches should be turned into gyms'

says Catholic and UK "Culture" Secretary:

"He also used an example of a former church, St Peter's in Liverpool, which had been turned into a themed restaurant and bar called Alma De Cuba in 2005.

'My mum said the last time she set foot in the building was 40 years ago for confession,' he said, adding 'Not everyone will be happy with that transformation. Part of me was uneasy but to her credit, my mum, a good Scouse Catholic, shrugged and raised a glass.'"

She was never told: