Friday, April 25, 2008

Beware of priests in wolves' clothing


Just about sums up the modern Church- priests who would wish to act in persona Christi would not want to put wolf masks over their faces. What are the youth work priests of Vienna trying to hide?

They have turned the youth of Vienna into wolves as well.

One of the wolves has become a stealth priestess!

No longer tbe Cross of Christianity- but a werewolf cult.

Any children that are frightened can always phone home! A mobile as part of Catholic liturgy

They should not only be afraid of the wolves but of the little green men and women.

Facebook has decided

Cathcon is a fully fledged Papist- well knock me down with a feather.

A cash free zone

The Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal- but bravely the Cardinal has said recently that it is no longer acceptable for Churches to be sold to be turned into luxury appartments.