Monday, April 21, 2008

Now, go and do the right thing!

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Cathcon decides to start a witchhunt


Following reports of a new liturgy in the Diocese of Linz of which this was the centerpiece.

16 witches are known to be on the run.  The Diocesan Bishop is clearly under their spell as he is not helping Rome with their inquiries.

The incident took place on the 18th April- the "Catholic" Womens Movement issued the following release.

16 women from across Upper Austria met with each other on 18.4.2008 in Wels, to exchange idea about, in some case, long years of practical experience of women's liturgical celebrations.

Doris Gabriel over many has presided over feminist liturgies in the Cardinal Koenig House in Vienna, gave impetus to re-think personal practices and encouraged an intensive exchange: “ Women’s liturgies want to create spaces where women can be visible with everything they experience in their lives and how the mind can relate to God . “Women’s liturgies” seek spaces in which women are encouraged to lay out their world, to discover their options for action. They are not merely "gas stations", where women refuel while continuing to endure conditions which threaten their lives."

Spirituality at this women's liturgy networking meeting will be understood in the sense that "God, the divine dimension in all, must and can illumine that which forms my life - God is in every individual, and comes through me into the world."

They would not be out of place at a Wiccan wedding.  Spot any similarities anyone?

Greek Orthodox and Armenians celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday

in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by beating eachother up. Cathcon hopes that they have settled their differences by Easter.

The greatest living artist in Austria


thinks he is so clever when he says-"There were really no women.  Leonardo already was of the opinion  that the circle of the Apostles was bound together by homoeroticism". Thanks