Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hear the cries of Iraqi Christians


The customary quiet of Saturday morning in our leafy square in the centre of Brussels was interupted by the gathering of a vast crowd, some thousands strong from all over Europe. How great is divine providence that a rally of Iraqi Christians, Orthodox and Catholic,  protesting at their abuse at the hands of their Islamic countrymen had chosen to rally under the windows of our flat. A large Cross and pictures of St Theresa of Liseaux and St Joseph rapidly were place in the windows- so that they could be in no doubt of our support. Where were the senior clerics of the Church of Belgium, where were the laity of the Church in Belgium. They bleat daily about social justice and turn the blind eye of indifference to the persecuted Church.

This is a pictorial tribute to a fine group of courageous people who should be in all our prayers.

The extremists will not arrive at their goal.


The red roses of martyrdom

Living Catholicism.

Chaldean, Syriac, Assyrian- the same people

Behind the imposing Church of St Joseph

Many German speakers- which made my life easier- Christen is Christian in German.

The murdered Archbishop of Mosul- another martyr to the left- will check on the identity.

Another murdered cleric.

Stop the massacres- another cleric who has been murdered.

Catholic priest of the Chaldeans

Long-term persecution of Christians in Syria, Turkey and Iraq. 

We are against being forced out.  We need protection in our homeland.

A need for one protected zone.

Why are they silent?- the EU and the US

Vatican cardinal dies


Cardinal Trujillo who led campaign against abortion

Blasphemer given tour of Vienna Cathedral


See also All that Glitters is not Gold.

Why is the Cardinal remaining silent in the face of such evil? Some have even asked whether he is being blackmailed.

World's Worst Bar

the Alma de Cuba in Liverpool

"The group behind BabyCream bring you this ultra-chic Caribbean-themed style bar and restaurant set in what was once St Peter's Catholic Church! Communion now consists of wine, mojitos and martinis helped down with hearty dishes from a fabulous mezzanine restaurant above the bar that features such delights as grilled venison in butter and boneless rib eye steak. Bizarrely - and some would say spookily - much of the original design of the building remains - it's just been incorporated into the new look. Thank God then for the stained-glass windows, altar, Lady's chapel and religious paintings, all lit up by melting church candles. There are various VIP areas to confess - or perhaps suggest a few sins - in as well as booths and much slinky dark-wood furniture. Hallelujah!"

Don't bother to go

"I went here for my mate's hen night - we were so excited and had saved for ages. We booked the table for 9 o'clock and finally got our meal at 12! So disappointed - the meal was cold and small when it came and wrecked the night. We spent all evening trying to get our table sorted. The waitress was quite rude on my complaining that we'd missed the dancers and petals - and the £500 bill just wasn't worth it what so ever! A ccomplete joke. They need to sort their sevice out!" and many other comments below.

When they go bankrupt, they can just give the Church back.

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